Life Style Hair Loss: Know about the food that can cause hair loss

Hair Loss: Know about the food that can cause hair loss

Healthy, strong and shiny hair are the choice of both men and women. Beautiful hair is not just about using expensive hair care products, but food choices can either harm your healthy hair or have a magical effect. Although people usually contribute to stress and genetic problems in hair, another shocking factor is a person’s diet. Surely it would be right to say that a bad diet can make the condition of hair worse or increase hair loss. It is important to know about some food that is not eaten for the sake of your hair. & Nbsp;

Hair is mainly made up of protein keratin. Keratin is a protein that gives structure to your hair. Alcohol has a negative effect on protein synthesis and can lead to weakening and dryness of hair. In addition, heavy intake of alcohol can cause nutritional imbalance and lead to hair root loss. & Nbsp;

Junk food
Junk foods are often rich in saturated and monounsaturated fats that not only make you fat but also promote heart disease, but you can also lose hair. . In addition, oily foods can make the scalp smooth and close the follicles & nbsp; and make the pores smaller. & Nbsp;

Raw Egg Whiteness
It is fantastic for hair but should not be eaten raw. Raw egg whiteness can cause biotin deficiency. This vitamin helps in the production of kerotin. Raw egg albumin contains avidin which, together with biotin, hinders the absorption of your intestines.

Research has proved that insulin resistance can cause your hair loss or even men and women baldness. A number factor behind insulin resistance is a sugar-rich diet, sugar starch and refine carbohydrate. & Nbsp;

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