Top Stories Hajjah Governorate inaugurates general mobilization and popular support activities for the National Army

Hajjah Governorate inaugurates general mobilization and popular support activities for the National Army

Today, Monday, the local authority in Hajjah governorate launched the activities of general mobilization and popular support for the National Army against the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia.

At the inauguration ceremony organized by the Executive Committee for Mobilization and Support, this morning in the city of Ma’rib, the governor of the governorate, Muhammad Yaqoub, confirmed that despite the political leadership’s keenness on peace, the militia refused but to continue its aggression. Going to end the battle and rid the country of the militias’ evil, regardless of the sacrifices. “

Agent Yaqoub said that, in response to the general mobilization call made by the Governor of Marib, Major General Sultan Al-Arada, “Today we inaugurate the first activities of the Executive Committee for Mobilization and Attribution in the governorate with an expanded meeting that includes a group of official and popular leaders from the people of the governorate to share the mission with them and cooperate in meeting the caller and all share the national and historical responsibility In supporting the National Army, both in human and material terms. “

The governor stressed that the battle of the Yemenis with the putschists has reached a watershed stage, calling on the sons of Hajjah to “show a sense of responsibility, forget all obstacles, and triumph over pain, sharpen motivation, draw weapons, and make every effort to mobilize heroes to the reception camps and mobilize the material resources to support the battle.”

In a speech by the security and military leaders, the director of the governorate’s police, Brigadier Amin Al-Hajouri, affirmed that Hajjah governorate and the members of the army and security among its sons, were and are still in the forefront of the ranks in defense of the republic and the gains and are determined to move forward with all the free and brave Yemen in the decisive battle of liberation.

Al-Hajouri stressed the need for concerted efforts and the involvement of young people and everyone capable of carrying weapons in resisting the militia to retake it.

He said: Victory will be an ally of our brave army and security, and those behind them are the resistance, the sons of tribes, and the patient people (…) and we say it and we are fully confident that the dust of history, the militia of killing, killing and crimes will not have a name or design in the present or future of Yemen .. Count these heinous crimes. Violations, the future and victory for Yemenis.

For his part, a member of the Shura Council, Mr. Mahdi Jaber Al-Telephone, affirmed the continuous readiness of the people of the province “to participate in defending the homeland, the revolution and the republic, rallying around the political leadership and the legitimate government, and standing with the army and supporting it in this decisive national battle.”

The phone, which is the director of the executive office for reform in the governorate, praised, in the word of the resistance, the role of the Ma’rib governorate, a local authority, tribes and society in embracing the displaced and leading the decisive battle, calling for standing together and supporting the army and mobilizing all energies and efforts to restore Sana’a and liberate Yemen from the coup militias.

In a speech by the Supreme Committee for Mobilization and Mobilization, Major General Ahmed Al-Absi praised Hajjah Governorate and its sacrifices for the best of its sons and men in the Yemeni battle with the Houthi militia.

He explained that the Houthi militia has exhausted its campaigns, all its plans have failed and been defeated on all fronts, stressing that the time has come to lead the National Army with the support and backing of everyone, its campaign to thwart the Iranian project and achieve the victory that the right-wing people are impatiently awaiting.

The meeting, which was attended by military, security and parliamentary leaders, and representatives of political parties and civil society, included technical paragraphs and words that emphasized the importance of popular participation in the mobilization campaign and the support of the national army to restore the state and move forward to a future free of militia and its dynastic and regional projects.

The gathering praised the heroism of the army and the resistance and the heroic epics in various fields and fronts, stressing that the Yemeni people will not stand idly by and be deceived by the honeyed words of peace, its initiatives and the efforts of the United Nations, which the Houthis reject and make it a means to proceed with their criminality, escalation and continuous aggression.


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