Entrepreneur He works from all over the world: “My life is even more beautiful”

He works from all over the world: “My life is even more beautiful”

Freelance, copywriter, trainer, artist in his spare time, Patrice Khal is also a great traveler. Since 2013, he and his family have traveled the world. With the arrival of freelance platforms, their dream of living abroad has become easier. Country after country, the entrepreneur pursues his professional activity at a distance. A lifestyle choice that allows her to work part time and earn a good living.

Patrice Khal first tested a freelance platform in 2015. He was then the manager of a small graphic design company, and to find new clients he registered on 5euros.com. Two years later, after the liquidation of his company, Patrice relaunched himself on this same platform as a self-employed worker. “We had lost everything, we had to find a solution quickly. I knew how it worked since I had tested it by selling charcoal portraits. I saw that we could make money, there was potential. “

A nomadic life

Patrice Khal is building an aggressive strategy in terms of price positioning. He decides to offer very low prices to get good entry marks. He had to sell out, and he easily concedes that. “I wasn’t choosy at the start because I had to get into the algorithm. “ Start from scratch, convince, prospect, Patrice was ready: “When I didn’t have a job, I looked at what others were offering, I prospected. It’s also part of the job and I got it pretty quickly. “

With his wife and son, the freelancer decides to radically change his life. While continuing to work, they begin a nomadic life that will pass through Vietnam, Portugal, Italy and Hong Kong. “We have made 17 countries in 7 years. We managed to bounce back to live an even more beautiful life ”exclaims Patrice Khal.

From Spain, where the family currently lives, he sells his writing services 120 euros for 900 words. But Patrice Khal has a secret to building customer loyalty. “I over-book. When someone asks me for 900 words, I return 1,200 for example. “ Well-established, he learned to see the good sides of his freelance life: part-time work, choice of his place of work, organization of his days. Today, Patrice Khal earns nearly 50,000 euros per year and says he is happy. He even tells his story on a famille-nomade-digitale.com website, and above all prepares his next trips.

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