Entrepreneur Health: ErgoSanté raises 3 million and launches a postural analysis app

Health: ErgoSanté raises 3 million and launches a postural analysis app

A boost for ErgoSanté, which specializes in adapting workstations and manufacturing exoskeletons. Based in Anduze, in the heart of the Cévennes, the company has raised 3 million euros with the Mutuelles Impact fund, created at the end of 2020 at the initiative of the Mutualité Française and managed by XAnge (Siparex group) and Investir & +. This fund has already collected more than 50 million from the National Federation of French Mutuality and 45 member mutuals.

For ErgoSanté, this fundraising will finance its production and recycling capacities for office chairs (a new activity), its international growth … The operation is also for the SME an opening on the mutualist universe which constitutes a reservoir of commercial synergies, as it opens its 17e agency in Reunion.

A free application

To preserve health at work, the company is launching LEA, a postural analysis application based on artificial intelligence, which makes it possible to analyze the movements of the human body and to objectify the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders. The user films the movements, and a synthetic report, comparing the angulations with ergonomic standards, is produced directly.

Available for free, this service targets “nurses and occupational physicians, managers, ergonomists … It allows them to understand what is wrong with a workstation and the type of risks incurred”, explains Samuel Corgne, CEO. La Mutualité Française is interested in distributing LEA to its business customers. Why offer this service for free? “We refine our understanding of the market, to better hit the mark with our solutions. “

Two models per year

Among the solutions on which ErgoSanté relies, exoskeletons are, at the rate of two new models per year, large consumers of R&D. Its goal is to lower prices between 1,000 and 2,000 euros. “The market for exoskeletons will explode when they cross the threshold of houses, especially for the elderly”, insists Samuel Corgne.

The outlets are also promising in hospitals, where caregivers must adopt awkward postures (prolonged flexion, arms in extension, etc.). The company, which carried out a turnover of 8 million euros in 2020, is targeting 12 million this year.


Creation date : 2013
President : Samuel Corgne
Amount: 3 million euros
Effective : 120 people
Sector: health

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