Top Stories Health: The Corona vaccination campaign targets health personnel in the first round

Health: The Corona vaccination campaign targets health personnel in the first round

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Health and Population for the health care sector said Primary manager The emerging corona virus vaccine project (Covid-19) Dr. Ali Al-Walidi said, “The first round of the Coronavirus vaccination campaign in the liberated governorates will target health personnel as they are the first line in facing the epidemic, followed by the elderly from the age of 60 years and over.”

He added Al-Walidi told the Yemeni News Agency (Saba), “Two fixed centers will be identified in each district Addition To mobile centers for those who cannot reach fixed centers, “… indicating that the sub-committees for implementing the vaccination campaign against the Coronavirus continue their work in great harmony.”

He explained Dr. Al-Walidi said that six sub-committees were formed to arrange and prepare for the Corona vaccination campaign, including the Training Committee and the Vaccine Follow-up Committee And others It is concerned with distributing it, a committee to follow up the impact of the vaccine, and a committee concerned with health education and information, pointing out that all of these committees will work diligently to make the vaccination campaign activities successful.

He stressed that the Ministry has started implementing a training program for the health cadres to be participating in the campaign And finished From training trainers from the governorates who will work on training health cadres at the level of directorates and centers … stressing the concerted efforts to make the campaign a success.

Al-Walidi pointed out that the Ministry of Public Health and Population will receive a million and six hundred vaccine doses next month, and the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center will work in cooperation with the World Health Organization to provide 50 percent of the vaccines, which will reach 12 million doses by the end of this year.

Al-Walidi noted that the awareness campaign of the campaign carried out by the National Center for Health Education and Information at the Ministry of Health has begun at various levels and with great efforts made by the working team at the Education Center. And members An education committee in partnership with a number of sectors, such as the media and endowments.


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