Life Style Health Tips: Cancer is caused by these bad habits, definitely include these things in food

Health Tips: Cancer is caused by these bad habits, definitely include these things in food

new Delhi: Many research has revealed that cancer is also related to bad routine. Especially due to improper eating and not doing manual labor, many diseases knock. These include cancer. Correct routines and proper eating play an important role in fighting illnesses and recovering.

Doctors should be contacted if the initial symptoms of cancer are detected. Its treatment is possible. However, due to negligence, this disease can prove fatal. For this, it is important to improve the routine and pay special attention to catering. Experts recommend including many things in the diet to prevent cancer.

There should be plenty of antioxidants in the food. Antioxidants protect cells. Simply put, antioxidants protect cells from damage caused by imbalanced molecules. Beta-carotene, vitamin A, C, E and lycopene are all antioxidants. For this, eat fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants.

Stop smoking with cigarettes The risk of cancer is twice that of non-smokers in people who smoke cigarettes. There is always a risk of lung cancer from cigarettes. Likewise, drinking too much alcohol can also cause cancer. Distance from tobacco will be helpful in keeping you away from cancer.

Take 40 minutes daily walk- If you cannot join the gym or do running then it is fine. Walking 40 minutes daily will help you to avoid the risk of cancer to a great extent. Research shows that the risk of cancer increases manifold in people who do not do any physical exercise compared to those who do daily exercise.

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