Life Style Health Tips: cholesterol has to be reduced, make such changes in flour

Health Tips: cholesterol has to be reduced, make such changes in flour

new Delhi: Often you have heard people say that my cholesterol has increased. Thinking that I should start exercising. Exercise is necessary for cholesterol patients, as well as what and how to take it in the diet, it is also necessary to keep in mind that it is easy to reduce cholesterol. Today, in our story, we will tell you how to reduce cholesterol.

Generally, those who have high cholesterol are avoided with butter, ghee and fat.

Few people would know that making small changes in flour helps in controlling cholesterol.

Cholesterol is reduced by oats. Cholesterol can be reduced by eating oats flour and bran mixed with wheat flour.

Usually people eat oats as a breakfast serial. But by making oat flour, soluble fiber present in it can reduce cholesterol.

Mix one third of the flour in one kg of flour.

You can also mix a spoonful of bran with flour. You can also use curd or milk to knead it.

Cholesterol is also reduced by eating powder of powder of flour mixed with flour.

-If you mix wheat flour, bran, curry leaves powder, oats flour and soak it with milk, then the rotis of this dough will also become soft and cholesterol will be controlled.

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