Life Style Health Tips: Do not eat cold and hot things together, these are the disadvantages

Health Tips: Do not eat cold and hot things together, these are the disadvantages

New Delhi: For the taste of tongue, many times we do not care about the rules related to food. After drinking hot tea, if you are a victim of ice cream eating food adventurism, then be careful. After knowing the disadvantages of eating hot and cold things together, you will surely not repeat this mistake.

Let us tell you that the temperature of the body of a common human is 37 ° C. In such a situation, if a person drinks any hot or cold thing, such as ice cream and hot coffee, then the stomach will have to work harder to digest it. Therefore, it is very important to take care of the combination of food before meals. Another example of cold and hot food is lentils and curd. Many people eat hot lentils and cold curd released from the fridge together. Doing this is also harmful for health.

Many types of problems can also occur if the combination of food is not well. As if your skin will always be dry. Along with this, the problem of phlegm and acidity in the throat will also remain constant. It has an effect on your body’s digestive system. If the wrong eating habits are not corrected in time, then diseases like ulcers and stones can also be faced later.

To improve food habits, eat food according to your body clock. Also keep in mind the weather. For example, when the temperature of the body is also high during the summer season, eating cold things suddenly can worsen your health. Yogurt benefits from eating during the day, but the intake of curd at night should be avoided. It is the same with cucumbers. By following the normal rules of food, you can maintain your health.

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