Life Style Health Tips: Do not eat stale leftover food by mistake, these losses happen

Health Tips: Do not eat stale leftover food by mistake, these losses happen

Health Tips: Food will be cooked daily in every household. In such a situation, it is common to avoid food many times. However, in a country like India, food is given great importance and throwing or wasting food is considered wrong, because in our country even today there are many people who sleep hungry.

Nowadays, in the race life of the people, people prepare the food of the day all at once. Thinking about who cooks again and again. Many times people order more food from outside and keep it in the fridge and heat it and eat it the next day. But is stale food kept in the fridge or reheating leftovers is good for your health?

Bacteria grow in food

When we prepare food and place it in the refrigerator instead of eating it immediately, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms start to flourish in it. This is because immediately after cooking, we do not keep it in the fridge. Rather, after keeping it in the room temperature, keep it in the fridge, due to which it increases the chances of causing bacteria, which can spoil our health.

Eating stale leftover food causes problems such as indigestion, gas, acidity. The complaint of acidity from eating such food remains for a long time. The risk of food poisoning is greatly increased. So it is very important that you take care of your health before eating the leftovers.

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