Life Style Health Tips: Do you want to avoid high blood pressure? Know – reasons, measures and prevention

Health Tips: Do you want to avoid high blood pressure? Know – reasons, measures and prevention

High blood pressure is a major health problem worldwide. With birth, the blood pressure range of the child is at least 80-90. On aging, the limit also reaches 180-200. This is a natural process. At the age of 50, one in five people have to struggle with high blood pressure. One out of every third person suffers from the disease in 60-70 years.

Easily understand important information related to blood pressure

High blood pressure carries the risk of heart disease, kidney disease, paralysis, blockage in the veins of hands and feet. To avoid diseases, it is important to get blood pressure checked and in case of excess, contact the doctor. Normal blood pressure should be less than 130-80 or 120-80 at any age. Symptoms of increased blood pressure may make the head heavy, dizzy, shortness of breath, and may see a doctor. High blood pressure is also known as ‘silent killer’.

Many times when going for routine checkup, it is found that blood pressure is higher than normal. During this time, blood pressure keeps damaging your kidney, heart and brain slowly. Initial tests to identify blood pressure, such as hemoglobin, kidney test, detect potassium and urea content. For high blood patients aged 40 years, doctors recommend sugar, cholesterol test. 95% of the reason for increasing blood pressure is increasing age and wrong lifestyle. In this case, blood pressure is controlled with medicines.

Experts told the change in lifestyle is necessary

Second causes of high blood pressure in 5 percent of people during the age of 30, such as kidney, vein, brain disorder or hormonal changes can also occur. In view of the situation, 5 percent people suggest to conduct a different investigation. Experts say that not only can kidney disease cause high blood pressure but also due to high blood pressure there is a risk of kidney disease.

Such people may complain of reduced urination, swelling of feet, eyes. Sometimes, due to the narrowing of the arteries of the hands and feet, even walking can cause pain, fatigue. High blood pressure disease is a lifestyle disorder. There is no reason for this in 95 percent of the people. Wrong lifestyle, wrong diet, lack of exercise and increasing weight also increase blood pressure. It is said that in such a situation, a change of lifestyle works as a medicine.

Experts believe that lifestyle changes before the use of the drug play an important role in controlling blood pressure. One aspect of lifestyle change is weight loss. Lowering the weight of 4-5 kg ​​can reduce the blood pressure limit by 20. With proper diet and regular exercise, you can reduce the blood pressure limit by 10-15. Quitting smoking or tobacco can also bring blood pressure down by 5-7 degrees.

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