Life Style Health Tips: Does your mouth smell too? These 5 serious reasons can happen

Health Tips: Does your mouth smell too? These 5 serious reasons can happen

Healthy Mouth Tips: Many people smell when talking to their mouth. Talking to such a person makes it difficult to stand far away. Many times we have to be embarrassed by the smell of the mouth. In fact, the stench of the mouth is mostly due to the cleanliness of the teeth and mouth. But it is not necessary that this should happen to everyone. Many times you follow a good dental routine, even after this, the mouth smells bad. If this is happening to you as well, then it is an indication of many health related problems. In this situation, no matter how well you use toothpaste or mouthwash, it does not affect the smell of the mouth. Today we are telling you about some serious reasons for bad smell. Let’s know

Serious causes of bad mouth odor

1- Gas problem and Strong Foods- It is true that your food affects your health. So whatever you eat, eat it thoughtfully. It should be avoided to eat such things which smell worse than eating them. Eating strong smelling substances like raw onion or garlic can cause bad smell in the mouth. If you have a gas problem, it also affects your blood circulation and lungs. This creates an odor that can smell from your mouth for 72 hours. Therefore, you should avoid eating like this.

2- Smoking Sometimes smoking too much smells bad in our breath. Actually, smoking cigarette or bidi smells bad in your mouth and dries up your mouth. Excess of smoking increases the smell of breath even more. In this way, you should control your smoking habit.

3- Due to dry mouth- Even if your mouth is very dry, there may be a problem of smelling from your mouth. When there is not enough saliva in the mouth, the mouth becomes dry and smells bad. Actually, saliva works to keep the mouth clean and reduces odor. If you have a dry mouth problem, get it treated.

4- Periodontal disease- Many times the problem of bad smell arises due to periodontal. When you do not clean the teeth properly, then this tartar on the teeth becomes very strong. You cannot remove this tartar with a brush. This may also cause problems in the gums. Due to this tartar, the area between teeth and gums becomes more open, due to which food and bacteria gather and produce a strong odor or odor.

5- Sinus problem- Sometimes due to sinus or any serious problem related to the mouth or throat, the smell starts coming from the mouth as well. Sinus epidemic, lack of water always in the body, chronic bronchitis, epidemic in your upper or lower respiratory tract and tonsil bacteria can also cause bad smell in the mouth.
Note- Also, if you have problems with the smell of the mouth, then you should consult a doctor of good teeth.

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