Life Style Health Tips: Drinking ice tea can be dangerous, know its disadvantages

Health Tips: Drinking ice tea can be dangerous, know its disadvantages

New Delhi Often people like to drink ice tea as soon as summer comes. Of course ISTs are also beneficial. But according to many research, there are many disadvantages of drinking too much ice tea. Let us know about the benefits of IST and its disadvantages.

Disadvantages of drinking too much ice tea

Kidney Effects – Drinking too much ice tea has negative effects on kidney health.

Diabetes Many times people mix sugar soda with ice tea. In such a situation, they are not taking healthy drinks because their tea becomes very sweet. When it comes to diabetes, excess sugar is considered to be the main cause of diabetes.

Increases weight Many people think that drinking ice tea leads to weight loss, but do you know that drinking a lot of ice tea causes weight gain. According to MyDayout Online, Ice Tea usually has 250 calories. If you are adding sugar or soda drink to it then these calories increase more.

Stroke According to Livestrong Online, diet control is not a major reason for stroke. Ice intake increases sugar intake. In such a situation, cholesterol starts to increase. As a result, the risk of stroke becomes high.

Cardiovascular disease- Drinking a large amount of ice tea means consuming more caffeine. This has a negative effect on the cardiovascular system. If your blood pressure is high then drinking black tea is even more harmful.

How much drink it-
The best way to drink ice tea is to take it without sugar. You can avoid the danger of drinking only once a day or once a week by drinking a few ice cups.

Benefits of drinking ice tea without sugar-
-Improves skin.
-Helps in taking blood pressure.
– Strengthens bones.
-Fights the Caveaties.
-Long prevents the risk of cancer.
-Hort reduces attack risk.

(Note: They are on the claim of research. ABP News does not confirm this. You must take the advice of your doctor before implementing any suggestion or starting treatment.)

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