Life Style Health Tips: Eat Shakarkandi Halwa in Winter instead of Semolina and Flour

Health Tips: Eat Shakarkandi Halwa in Winter instead of Semolina and Flour

Shakarkandi ka Halwa: Who doesn’t like pudding in winters? Till now, semolina, flour, carrot and moong dal pudding would have been made in your house. But have you ever heard of sweet potato pudding? Yes, sweet potato pudding is much better for health than it is delicious to eat. The best part is that instead of sugar, jaggery is used in it, which is healthy for everyone. Let us tell you that the effect of sweet potato is hot, by consuming it in winter, your body remains warm and you fall less ill. Then let’s know how to make sweet potato pudding and the benefits of eating it.

Sweet Potato Pudding Sweet potato pudding is very easy to make. You can prepare it in a short time whenever you want.

Ingredients for Sweet Potato Pudding– 5 sweet potatoes, a bowl of jaggery, 4 spoons of ghee, 4 cardamom powder, a pinch of saffron, 12 cashews chopped or whole, a cup of cream

How to make Halwa-

  • First boil the sweet potato
  • Peel it when it cools down a bit and mash it well.
  • Now take a pan and put ghee in it and put cashew nuts and saffron in it.
  • After this add the mashed up sweet potato.
  • Now make hot water on the other side and add cardamom powder and a bowl of jaggery and make syrup.
  • Now when it seems that the color of the sweet potato is changing, then add a cup of cream to it.
  • Now cook it well. When the galwa is ready, add dry fruits and now cover it and serve.

Benefits of eating sweet potato pudding-

  • keeps the body warm
  • Beneficial for the eyes.
  • Is easily digested.
  • Diabetic patients can also eat sweet potato pudding.

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