Life Style Health tips: eating banana leaves is beneficial or harmful, know

Health tips: eating banana leaves is beneficial or harmful, know

Even today in South India, there is a trend of eating banana leaves. Banana leaves are preferred in eating over metal plates. Eating banana leaves has been a part of the ancient Indian tradition. In the olden days people followed a healthy routine. For health, his focus was more on clean, healthy and fresh food. That’s why banana leaves were used in those days. In our country banana leaves are considered highly healthy and auspicious and are used to make offerings to God. The question is, what benefits do banana leaves give us.

Leaves contain anti-oxidants

One of the important benefits of eating on banana leaves is having healthy nutrients. Anti-oxidants are also more popular and the main reason for use. These leaves are rich in plant-based compounds such as epigallocatechin gallate and other powerful anti-oxidants. They help increase your immunity and keep food rich in nutrition. Banana leaves cannot be eaten directly, but the food placed on it absorbs nutrition from the leaves and gets extra healthy by getting extra nutrition.

It removes microbes

Banana leaves are believed to have anti-bacterial properties. These properties help to protect food from bacteria or microbes. Food on the leaves is free from germs or contamination and helps to keep you healthy. In addition, it also prevents the risk of falling ill.

This is a clean way to eat

Banana leaves are definitely the most hygienic way to eat. The utensils except the leaves are usually washed with soap and many times the chemical-containing soap portions remain on the plate. When we eat food on a plate, our food absorbs those chemicals. On the other hand, banana leaves keep away dust and dirt. In addition, the leaves can be cleaned with just plain water without soap.

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