Life Style Health tips: eating sunflower seeds in winter provides these benefits to health, include diet

Health tips: eating sunflower seeds in winter provides these benefits to health, include diet

Sunflower seeds have hidden health benefits. High quality oil is prepared from it. The seeds of some varieties of sunflower are long and are also roasted and eaten. Essential nutrients including vitamin E, anti-oxidants, protein, fiber are found in sunflower seeds. These are very important for our overall health. Apart from this, its benefits from eating in winter season are many.

Rich in anti-oxidants
Vitamin E is found in plenty in sunflower seeds, due to which it can help in fighting free radicals produced in our body. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties found in sunflower seeds, it relieves problems like nose, cough and cold.

Helpful in increasing immunity
Fatty acid and phytoestrol are found in the seeds, which helps in controlling cholesterol level. Phytoestrol also plays an important role in increasing the immunity of the body, which reduces the risk of diseases.

Great for skin
We all look for beautiful skin. Sunflower seeds can become the source of shiny skin. It contains essential fatty acids such as linolenic, oleac and palmitic acid. Due to which, our skin improves and pimples are also eliminated.

Lose weight
Sunflower seeds are rich in fiber because it protects the stomach. Eases digestion of food and reduces hunger excessively.

Provide energy
Vitamin B1 and electrolytes present in sunflower seeds can help in generating a lot of energy in our body.

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