Life Style Health tips: know the tremendous benefits of health by incorporating nigella in breakfast

Health tips: know the tremendous benefits of health by incorporating nigella in breakfast

For a long time, fennel has been used as a home remedy against many diseases. Kalonji can also be eaten as food. Research has shown that the anti-oxidants found in it have a strong effect on health. Anti oxidants are components that neutralize harmful free radicals. It works to take out all kinds of wastes that have stayed in the body.

Kalonji is very good for health

Metabolism is corrected by incorporating nigella into breakfast. Apart from this, it helps in relieving constipation. It also works to increase immunity by restoring energy with strength while eating at breakfast. Kalaunji also protects from all kinds of viral infections, chest problems including catarrh, cold, cough and pneumonia. Many compounds such as thymoquinon and carvacrol are responsible for the potential anti-oxidant properties of fennel. However, further research is still needed to find out how anti-oxidants can affect human health. However, fennel has been considered effective in reducing cholesterol in particular. Dangerous infection of bacterial disease ranges from ear infection to pneumonia.

How to benefit from nigella seeds?

You can drink kalonji mixed in your diet like curd and lemon juice. Similarly, in breakfast or dinner, some grains can be sprinkled and eaten. The oil of fennel is more effective than the powder. But the powder is also helpful in increasing the good cholesterol level. If there is a shortage of teeth, use fennel oil in curd and use it twice a day. It can make the gums strong.

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