Life Style Health Tips: Making bones stronger is easier, these 5 things will help

Health Tips: Making bones stronger is easier, these 5 things will help

New Delhi Bones are the basic structure for the human body. For the complete development of our body, strengthening of bones is very important. The stronger our bones, the more fit and healthy our body will be.

Bones begin to weaken and crack with increasing age. This condition is called osteoporosis. World Osteoporosis Day is observed on 20 October every year to make people aware of the symptoms and treatment of osteoporosis. We can make bones strong by making some improvements in our diet. For this, osteoporosis disease can be avoided by including calcium rich food in your diet.

Egg – Eggs are beneficial for bones due to the high amount of protein found in them. Along with protein, vitamin D is also found in eggs, which strengthens bones.

Milk- Most doctors recommend drinking milk on complaints of bone weakness in children. A lot of calcium is found in milk, which makes bones very strong.

Meat- Meat can be used to meet the body’s high protein demand. Those people who are non-vegetarians can consume a lot of protein from their meat by including chicken, mutton and fish in their diet.

Soybean – Like meat, soybean has very high protein content. People who are vegetarian can make soybean instead of meat as an option.

green vegetables- Manganese and vitamin K are found in plenty in green vegetables as well as in plenty of protein and calcium. Which can prevent osteoporosis. For this, we should include vegetables like mustard greens, beets and spinach in our diet.

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