Life Style Health Tips: Skin and hair problems can be overcome with the use of garlic, know the methods of use

Health Tips: Skin and hair problems can be overcome with the use of garlic, know the methods of use

Garlic can also play an important role in improving your beauty apart from the kitchen. It is important for him to know the methods of use. Many major skin problems can be overcome by using garlic.

To remove pimples: Acne on the face can be prevented with the help of garlic. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. Cut garlic grains to use. When the water comes out from the grains, massage it in the pimples. After a while, wash the face with cold water. Use garlic once a day in this way. This will absorb the dirt inside the skin and in this way acne can be eliminated.

Psoriasis or Chambal disease: Chambal is a major skin disease. It often occurs in very high heat. But sometimes it comes out due to allergies too. Garlic can also be used to control it. Apply garlic juice to Chambal and leave it open. This will cause you a lot of irritation and discomfort for a while. But you will get relief when dry. The application of garlic juice will eradicate the germ of Chambal. In this way, your skin disease can be cured.

To clear color: Clear colors are the priority of women and men. Many tricks are tried for this. But the color can be improved with the help of a garlic. You can mix garlic paste, turmeric and lemon juice and apply it on the face. Daily use of only once a day will brighten your face.

For strong hair: Making hair long, thick, attractive and shiny is a difficult task. But if only one garlic is used once a week, then maybe your hair problem can be solved. For this, you have to mix garlic paste in egg and yogurt and apply it on the hair. This will prove to be a better conditioner for hair strength.

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