Life Style Health tips: vegetarian food can cause this loss, research came to light

Health tips: vegetarian food can cause this loss, research came to light

New Delhi: Consuming a vegetarian diet has many health benefits ranging from weight loss to keeping cholesterol under control, but did you know that following a vegetarian diet also has some side effects? Today, we tell you what harm can be caused to your body by eating vegetarian food.

According to a new study, people following a vegetarian diet have a lower ultrasound value, which indicates bone loss. A study by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BFR) determined the bone health of 36 vegetarians as well as 36 people with a heel bone ultrasound measurement after a mixed diet.

In the results, on average, people following a vegetarian diet had lower ultrasound values ​​than the other group. This indicates poor bone health. In the study, scientists also determined biomarkers in blood and urine. Its purpose is to identify nutrients that may be related to diet and bone health.

Identifying twelve biomarkers out of 28 parameters of nutritional status and bone metabolism was most strongly associated with bone health. For example the amino acids lysine and vitamins A and B6. So if you are a vegetarian, then pay special attention to the strength of your bones.

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