Life Style Health Tips: What is the difference between kuttu and water chestnut flour, which is more suitable for weight loss?

Health Tips: What is the difference between kuttu and water chestnut flour, which is more suitable for weight loss?

It is believed that fasting is suitable for the body. In fasting, light food is used instead of special food items. People use Singhada flour or Kuttu flour to make roti, poori. These flour are used more on the occasion of Navratri. But when it comes to losing weight and health, then you should know which of the two is better.

Buckwheat flour

Kuttu flour is called Buckwheat in English. Everyday flour is prepared from wheat. It is a plant of grass species while Kuttu is a plant of Polygonaceae family. In fast, consumption of Buckwheat is easily digested. Flour has a nutty flavor and is a gluten free alternative to normal flour.

Kuttu flour produces heat in the body. Therefore, its intake during fasting season is considered ideal. If someone is planning to lose weight and has high blood pressure and high cholesterol, then this flour is a great alternative to normal flour. Kuttu flour contains phosphorus, vitamins, magnesium and zinc. Buckwheat plant is not very big. Flowers and fruits come in its bunches. It is grown in very few places in India.

Water chestnut flour

Water chestnut is also an underwater fruit. It is considered to be the fruit of winter. However, in the form of chestnut flour, it is available in the market throughout the year. Plenty of nutritional value is found in flour. It is used in preparing many types of dishes. This dough is made from dried ground water chestnut. The nuts are boiled or peeled and ground to make flour. Its color is like white cream.

Kuttu flour for weight loss

Kuttu flour works in a surprising way to reduce weight. It contains 75 percent complex carbohydrates and 25 percent high quality protein content. It is considered ideal for those who lose weight. Weight loss is reduced rapidly due to consumption of Kuttu flour. It has fewer calories than normal flour. Apart from this, it is saturated fat and cholesterol free and fiber including protein is found in large amounts. Iodine, magnesium and iron are also obtained from the consumption of Kuttu flour.

Being gluten free, Kuttu flour is excellent for our digestion. Removing gluten from the diet can provide surprising benefits to those who lighten the weight of the dough.

Water chestnut flour for weight loss

Plentiful fiber is found in water chestnut flour. Fiber is digested late and thus prevents from overeating. Flour is found to have more potassium and less sodium. It helps to freeze water in the body. In addition, it is a major source of complex carbohydrates and other other energy-boosting elements such as calcium, iron, zinc and phosphorus. We lack energy during Navratri.

Including water chestnut flour in the diet will keep the energy level up. Flour does not contain cholesterol and is rich in many minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants. Due to the combination of copper and riboflavin in flour, it helps to keep thyroid problems away.


Healthy qualities are found in both flour varieties. However, Kuttu flour provides heat, while Singhara flour contains cold ingredients. Consumption of both flours provides nutritious elements and is a major source of weight loss. Therefore, you can consume both in balanced amounts.

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