Infotech Help for wood heating: how to request the check for 50 to 200 euros from this Tuesday?

Help for wood heating: how to request the check for 50 to 200 euros from this Tuesday?

A Christmas helper…after the hour! Initially scheduled for December 22, the opening of the check counter for wood heating finally took place on Tuesday, December 27. Announced this fall by the executive, this aid aims to support households in the face of soaring energy prices. It can be combined with the exceptional energy check received by 12 million households and the annual energy check (but not the fuel oil energy check).

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To take advantage of this financial aid, which can range from 50 to 200 euros, you must connect to the dedicated online platform. Provided you are eligible! Here are the three criteria to meet:

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  • Main heating mode

French people who heat themselves with wood can ask to receive this aid from the government, according to a press release from the Ministry of the Economy published on Friday, December 23. But on condition that wood is your main mode of heating, and not an auxiliary heating.

The check “will concern 70% of households heating mainly with wood”either “2.6 million households, for a total budget of 230 million euros”according to Bercy.

Second criterion for determining the amount received: your income. According to the decree published on Friday in the Official Journal, the check will reach 100 or 200 euros for French people whose reference tax income is less than 14,400 euros and 50 or 100 euros for those whose tax income is between 14,400 and 27,500. euros. For a single person, it should not exceed 2,260 euros per month. For a family with two children, it should not exceed 4,750 euros per month.

  • Type of fuel used

The type of fuel used is the last criterion varying the amount of aid. Indeed, households that heat with wood pellets are thus entitled to double the aid provided for those who use logs, shreds or chips. For granules or pellets, the price of which has doubled in one year, it climbs to 200 euros.

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If you are eligible, all you have to do is bring your last wood or pellet bill. This must be nominative, dated less than eighteen months and an amount greater than 50 euros.

You must then connect to the website and submit your request by following the procedure. The deadline is April 30, 2023 but checks will be sent from “mid-February 2023” and usable at a wood or pellet seller until March 31, 2024.

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