Technology “Helpicto”, from voice to image, from image to voice

“Helpicto”, from voice to image, from image to voice

Helpicto is an application that relies on several bricks of artificial intelligence. Helpicto lets you translate spoken sentences into sequences of images and vice versa, from images to voice.

This application is intended for people with an autism spectrum disorder, people with trisomy 21, dysphasic and aphasic people, but also the elderly, people intubated, but also to foreigners with a need to communicate.

Helpicto is not limited to non-verbal people. The app caters just as much to verbal people who need compensation. More than 2.5% of the world’s population is affected by language disorders. Among the most frequent pathologies which affect the production and understanding of language, we find autism (700,000 people in France), trisomy 21 (70,000 people in France), dysphasia (245,000 children in France), aphasia (300,000 people in France), but also Alzheimer’s disease.

From the person with a disability to the caregiver, relatives, as well as all the professionals, specialized educators, speech therapists who surround the user on a daily basis to best meet their needs. A library of several thousand images and pictograms is offered, covering all aspects of daily life, the objective being to support the understanding and demand of people with cognitive disorders: expressive and receptive language.

It is even possible to upload your own photos so that the sequences of images correspond as closely as possible to the daily life of the user. This application is also suitable for the elderly, intubated people. Helpicto also integrates an artificial intelligence which detects the intention and proposes an adaptation of the interface according to the temporality or the question which is asked.

In the event of a closed question awaiting a “Yes/No” answer, or a notion of duration: “Do your homework for 15 minutes and I’ll come see you”, the pictograms and visual components adapt automatically to facilitate understanding and the process Answer.

If the tablet or phone is lost or broken, the user immediately connects with another device and finds all of its elements.

• The sharing of information within the community that gravitates around the main beneficiary. Example: If a helper modifies a setting, removes, adds a pictogram or a sequence remotely in his license, the beneficiary will immediately find the new modifications in his application.

• The price of 14.99 euros/month, transparent with a subscription cost without imposed equipment and without commitment of duration of use.

• The application is compatible with all phones and tablets in any IOS, Android, Windows environment.

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