Top Stories Hodeidah .. The leader of the Houthi militia was killed in Hays, along with 5 of his companions

Hodeidah .. The leader of the Houthi militia was killed in Hays, along with 5 of his companions

Military sources said that a Houthi leader was killed, along with a number of his companions, on the battle fronts, south of Hodeidah Governorate.

According to the sources, he was found The Houthi field commander named Sheikh Al-Din Khaled Abdul-Rahman Abdel-Wahab Al-Makni (Abu Al-Nour), on Wednesday, he was killed, along with five of his companions.

The sources stated that the Houthi leader Abu al-Nour led Houthi armed groups that tried to infiltrate into the valley north of the village of Bani Maghari towards the joint forces’ sites northwest of the city of Hays.

The sources confirmed that the Giants’ forces monitored the Houthi leader and the armed elements in the infiltration operation, and were targeted by the artillery unit with a focused and precise strike that led to the death of the Houthi leader and five armed elements and wounding dozens of others.

It is noteworthy that the Houthi field commander did not pass until his appointment to the leadership of the northern Hais front for only three days, after the Houthi leader, Abu Husayn al-Kabsi, was killed in the same place.

In a related context … Houthi militias bombed the health center in Al-Manzhar neighborhood in Al-Hawk district in Al-Hudaydah, and caused great material losses.

A source working at the center said that the Houthi militia fired two mortar shells at the health center, causing great material damage.

The Houthi militia has recently stepped up its hostile operations in a number of districts of Al Hudaydah targeting residential neighborhoods and commercial centers.


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