Life Style Horoscope Today 30 December 2021: Libra and Scorpio people will have to pay attention to all zodiac signs

Horoscope Today 30 December 2021: Libra and Scorpio people will have to pay attention to all zodiac signs

Horoscope Today 30 December 2021, Aaj Ka Rashifal, Daily Horoscope: According to the Panchang, today 30 December 2021 is the date of Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Paush month on Thursday. This Ekadashi is also known as Saphala Ekadashi. Today is Vishakha Nakshatra. On this day Moon is sitting in Libra. What is the effect of the movement of the planets and the position of the constellations on your zodiac, let’s know today’s horoscope.

Sheep- On this day, some negative thoughts will come in your mind about the future, you may not feel very good in yourself, so the brain and work will have to work in harmony. The day is going to be energetic for official work. If you are on a mission, then you will be able to do it. Professionally, the day will not be very auspicious, you may think of making big changes in business. Today you have to be patient and calm for health benefits. If the elder brother is in bad mood because of you, then you should take the responsibility of correcting it.

Taurus- Keep the list of items short on this day, because unnecessary expenses can make your list of expenses long. Talking about official situations, unnecessary discussion will have to be avoided, neither criticize nor listen to anyone. After completing the work, importance should be given to rest. Those who have started a new business will get new challenges, especially those related to law will have to be alert. Talking about health, the position of planets can increase the amount of some cholesterol, so you need to be careful. Disputes with father and father like people should be avoided.

Gemini- It is not right to remain silent unnecessarily today, contact those who could not talk for many days. Talking about the official situation, if there is no work, then today some creative work should be done, due to which the time will be utilized properly and you will not be bored. Your skills and knowledge will make progress in the business of partnership. At the same time, you will also be able to compete firmly with the competitor. Lighten the dinner in health, there is a possibility of dehydration. Everyone’s opinion should be taken before taking any important decision related to the family.

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Cancer- On this day, the level of positive energy will have to be kept high because the effect of negative planets is going to distract you. Those who are working in the field of designer, they will get the idea of ​​new fashion. The business class should plan to start a new business keeping in mind the current circumstances, otherwise there may be losses. Talking about health, if you are running ill for a long time, then do not bring negative thoughts in your mind, but keeping positive thinking will increase immunity. Friends may get angry with you due to some things. Will have to maintain contact with elder brother over phone.

Lion- On this day, things here and there can get distracted from the work. Talking about official situations, the day is good for people associated with the media sector, on the other hand, people associated with the art world will have to be active in their field. Those doing real estate business have to be alert today, avoid doing any new deal without any government document. Talking about health, you may have to face physical pain. There will also be concern about the health of the children. The family situation will be normal, on the other hand, if a person does evil to you, then do not take it seriously.

Virgo- Today, you will have to spend the day with fun, as well as if you have not talked to close friends or close relatives for many days, then you can surprise them by calling them. Walk in harmony with everyone in the office. Sellers of luxury goods are seeing full chances of profit. Students should study by staying at home during the holidays. Talking about health, one has to be alert about the problems related to the liver, the position of the planets can increase the disease. Do not ignore the words of your spouse, their advice will prove beneficial for you.

Saphala Ekadashi 2021: Ekadashi is starting from today afternoon, tomorrow is Saphala Ekadashi, know the time of Parana

Libra-On this day, there is no need to panic after seeing the problems, as well as do not give place to negative thoughts in the mind. People associated with the field will find it helpful to be in the company of bosses and seniors, on the other hand, walking in harmony with the female colleagues of the office. Will happen. Those who do business related to medicines are likely to get benefits. There is a possibility of problems related to urine in health, so keep drinking water. If garbage or dirty water is rotting very near the house, then make arrangements to remove it, because at this time there is a possibility of getting toxic disease.

Scorpio-Today you are going to be full of positive energy, it will be better if you put this positive energy in positive work. Should, positive information can be received from other places. New ideas will come in the mind about how to increase the business, it should be fully utilized. There is a strong possibility of pain in the throat and back in health. One has to be polite with everyone at the social level, because today the ego making planet is very active.

Sagittarius-On this day, many types of questions will arise in the mind, for which you have to find the solution yourself, so sit in front of the Lord for some time and meditate on the Lord. There is a possibility of a change in the field of work, on the other hand, people who are looking for jobs abroad may get negative information. Talking about business, people who do business related to grains can get big profits. To stay healthy, follow the rules first, as well as include pranayama and yoga in the routine. Younger siblings may have to help in their studies.

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Capricorn- On this day, avoid bitterness and bitterness in words and do not abuse anyone, so that their feelings are hurt, but talk to everyone with love. The house of work area is very active, people associated with the government department will have to keep pace with the work. The business class should not invest without thinking on the behest of anyone. Otherwise they may suffer financial loss. Sugar patients have to be alert in health. Share your mind with your dearest one in the house, if someone is angry then behaving politely will fix everything. You can add something new to the cleanliness and decor of the house.

Aquarius-On this day, you may feel yourself mentally worried, but forgetting the troubles, you will have to be happy. People associated with the job profession will have to take tough decisions, as well as if they are not working according to the subordinate rules, then they can scold a little, that is, discipline will have to be maintained. Tax related matters of businessmen can be resolved today. Problems related to bones in health can bother you, if you already have this problem, then do not delay in taking the advice of the doctor. There is a possibility of getting the good news of a new guest coming in total.

Pisces-On this day, people of this zodiac should worship Shri Hanuman ji considering him as their guru. You are going to have an inclination towards work. The hard work of the people associated with the field of work will increase the fame. Avoid disputes in the office, otherwise your feedback will reach the boss poorly. Those who do business related to food are seeing full potential for profit. Spend time with family, keep in mind that through coordination with the members, you will be able to pass the difficult phase of life easily.

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