Life Style Horoscope Today 4 December 2021: Cancer and Capricorn people should not do this work, from Aries to Pisces

Horoscope Today 4 December 2021: Cancer and Capricorn people should not do this work, from Aries to Pisces

Horoscope Today 4 December 2021, Aaj Ka Rashifal, Daily Horoscope: According to the Panchang, today 4th December 2021 is the new moon day of Krishna Paksha of Margashirsha month. The last solar eclipse of the year is happening on this day. Today Anuradha Nakshatra and Moon are transiting in Scorpio. Today Sukarma Yoga is being formed. How will the day of Saturday be for you, know today’s horoscope.

Sheep- Today, some problems related to economic problems seem to be resolved. Do help the needy. People associated with the job profession will get support from senior officers, on the other hand, they may have to go out of the city in connection with work. There is a possibility of a dispute or loss of money with a partner in business, on this side you are advised to be careful. Pay attention to the health of young children, because there is a possibility of falling ill suddenly. You and your spouse share your problems with each other, it is very important to have the approval of both while taking family decisions.

Taurus- Focus on achieving your goal by doing more and more work today, hard work done in the present time will be the key to success in future. You may have to face many types of challenges in the office, you should face it firmly. Keep in mind the demand of the customer doing business of electronics. Apart from class studies, students can also do interesting work. In health, while being aware of blood-related diseases, consume more amount of water. The family environment will be normal, while on the other hand you will feel full of joy by talking to friends.

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GeminiOn this day, instead of spending money, you should pay more attention to its investment, because the present time is going well for investment. You will get new challenges in the field of work. With hard work, you will be able to overcome all the challenges and luck is also going to support you completely. Those who are associated with the medical profession in business, they will get good income. Any type of allergy can bother you in health, medicine should not be taken without doctor’s advice. Keep a cordial relationship with your spouse, because the time is going unfavourable, a situation of dispute may arise.

Cancer- On this day, keeping yourself away from things here and there, you should focus only on your work. If you want to take any decision regarding change in job, then avoid taking big decision in haste. At the same time, keep good behavior with women employees. Business class should stay away from legal entanglements, if any case is already going on then take it seriously. Youth can make some plans regarding their career, time is right. Problems like back pain in health will remain troublesome, be aware of this. Respect elder sister and get her blessings.

Lion- You can get important opinion from seniors and teachers on this day. In the field of work, high officials can hold meetings regarding the works, so keep the tasks complete. You may have to travel to another city in connection with the office. Any problem of traders going on for the last several days seems to be resolved, due to which your mind will also be happy. Talking about health, there will be fear of unknown with the experience of mental disturbance, which can also lead to deterioration in health. It is your responsibility to keep the family atmosphere cheerful. Invitations for religious programs can also come from anywhere.

Virgo- You may have to travel on this day due to some reason, so you should be prepared in health related matters. People associated with the field of work should show understanding while doing difficult tasks, because at this time there may be some lack in your concentration. Those who do technical related business, the day can be full of profits. If students are planning to go abroad for higher education, then they may have to wait. From the point of view of health, they can suffer from poor eating habits. Can give related problems. In the present time, maintain a cordial relationship with the neighbors.

Libra- Today the mind will be happy and there will be some relief in the ongoing mental anxiety. Colleagues in the office will have to be kept happy, because without their cooperation you may be unable to complete the work. Those doing business illegally should be careful, there is a possibility of getting monetary penalty by the government. The youth will be under some tension regarding competitive examinations. Patients related to high BP and sugar in health have to be on special alert today, as well as stay away from unnecessary stress. Due to some reason, friends will remain angry, due to which there is a possibility of a rift in the relationship.

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Scorpio- Don’t let happiness get you down on this day, you may feel sad if work is not done. You will become the center of attraction of people in the field of work and will also leave your positive impression on the hearts of others. Like yesterday, the business class should stay away from legal gimmicks even today, if any case is already going on then it will have to be taken more seriously, otherwise strict action can be taken. Keeping in mind the weight in health, consume sweets negligibly or not. The family environment will be happy, along with the children, one should do bhajan kirtan in the evening at home.

Sagittarius- A list of important tasks should be prepared on this day, and complete almost all the tasks by noon in a systematic manner. Due to the work in the office, there will be pressure from higher officials, on the other hand guidance will also be given from a senior. Talking about business, there is a possibility of financial loss to those who work in food grains. In health, you may have to face some health-related problems by the end of the day, while people who are sick are also advised to be more alert. Will be able to resolve minor disputes at home. Keep peace in married life.

Capricorn- Today your mental state may be a bit turbulent. With excellent work in the office, you will strengthen your position a lot, you can also get a chance to lead the team. If the matter related to the court-court of the traders is going on, then do all the work with caution, otherwise you may have to pay for taking it. The youth will have to run more, so take care not to be unnecessarily lazy. One has to be alert about chest congestion in health. Family members may have to help financially in some plan, do not disappoint them by refusing.

Aquarius- On this day, special care should be taken of health and especially while driving a vehicle, do not take any carelessness, because the movement of planets is trying to hurt you. Do time management to complete the work in the office, even if the work is completed after the time is over, it will not be of any use. Those who do business related to the stock market can benefit from the sharp and bearish trend of the market. Health will be normal. At the same time, due to the activation of negative planets, there can be sourness in close relationships. For this, keep sweetness in your speech so that the relationship does not get spoiled.

Pisces-Today you have to take time for yourself. If you were planning a course etc. for several days, then it should be done by Shri Ganesh. New colleagues can be found in the office, the responsibility of their training will be on your shoulders, on the other hand, if you keep working sincerely in your work, then progress will surely come when the time comes. Those doing business of clothes can get some good news related to business. If there is a problem of teeth in health, then the dentist must be consulted, carelessness can be heavy for the future. Younger brothers and sisters will have to be guided in studies.

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