Infotech Households will not be affected by any gas cuts, assures Elisabeth Borne

Households will not be affected by any gas cuts, assures Elisabeth Borne

Elisabeth Borne assured that households will not be affected by power cuts in the event of too low stocks this winter in the “Daily” program on TMC, this Tuesday, August 30. According to the Prime Minister, the “biggest consumers” as some companies could on the other hand be affected if no effort is made.

“The cuts, they do not concern households […] we are not going to cut the gas in French households, but it is on our companies, the large consumers, that there could be cuts ”said the Prime Minister.

The sequel after the ad

Energy sobriety: “We did not wait to take a kick in the back from Mrs. Borne to act”

To avoid these cuts, she again invited the French, individuals and businesses, to reduce their consumption of gas or electricity, while certain nuclear reactors producing electricity are stopped. “Anything we can do to lower our consumption will prevent us from getting into situations where we should have cuts”did she say.

Finding a “new sustainable growth model”

These cuts could occur “if all the wrong assumptions come together: if Russia cuts off its supplies, if ever there is tension over LNG (liquefied natural gas) and the orders we have placed are not honored, if there is a very cold winter”she listed.

The Head of Government explained again that she was in favor of “radical measures” in terms of ecological transition but that it did not support a model of “degrowth”.

In the United Kingdom, “it will get worse and worse, this winter, there will be deaths! »

In France, we are all attached to our social model (…) We must reconcile radical changes to fight against climate change, but this must not lead us to plead for a society of decline. Financing our social model is not compatible with those who argue for decline. We need to find a new model of sustainable growth “, she said.

Monday in front of the Medef, Elisabeth Borne had urged companies to quickly reduce their energy consumption so as to avoid measures of “rationing”.

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