Top Stories Houthi elements storm a mosque in “Ibb” during Tarawih prayers and shoot worshipers

Houthi elements storm a mosque in “Ibb” during Tarawih prayers and shoot worshipers

Last night, a Houthi gang stormed a mosque in the Al-Adeen district in the central province of Ibb, attacked worshipers and the imam of the mosque, and fired live bullets inside the mosque, wounding a number of worshipers.

Local residents said that Houthi elements, led by the so-called “Mufid Al-Zuhairi” (aka “Abu Raad”), stormed a mosque in the “Wadi Anah” area, on the “Qas’ Halyan” road in the Al-Adeen district, and attacked the worshipers and the imam of the mosque.

According to the residents, the gang attacked the imam of the mosque, “Abdullah Al-Hakami” and a number of worshipers, and fired bullets inside the mosque, injuring two people with bullet fragments coming from the surrounding walls.

The residents reported that the storming operation came during Tarawih prayers, with the aim of preventing the worshipers from continuing to perform the prayer and terrorizing them, according to what the “Al-Masdar Online” website quoted from the people.

The people confirmed that members of the gang led by “Abu Raad” participated in the Houthi fighting fronts, and after their return from the fronts, they committed several violations and attacks against citizens in a number of towns in the district.

The people pointed out the complicity of the Al-Aden Security Department of the militia with the gang, and its refusal to arrest them, despite the submission of a number of complaints to the competent authorities.

It is noteworthy that the gang leader was released from the central prison in the city of Ibb years ago, after an agreement with the Houthi militia, to participate in the fighting fronts, despite several precedents he committed and led him to prison, the most famous of which was the case of rape and murder of a child in Wadi Anah, years ago.


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