Top Stories Houthi intransigence in lifting the siege of Taiz threatens to collapse the armistice and undermine peace efforts in Yemen

Houthi intransigence in lifting the siege of Taiz threatens to collapse the armistice and undermine peace efforts in Yemen

In a new evasion to evade the implementation of its obligations stipulated by the UN armistice regarding the opening of the main roads in the city of Taiz, the Houthi coup militia resorted to a unilateral measure by building an unknown dirt road, full of dangers from the mines it planted and its snipers.

This was confirmed by the government team negotiating the opening of roads in a press statement today, which indicated that the Houthis acted unilaterally with the aim of imposing a fait accompli on ways that were not agreed upon and away from the negotiations that stopped at this point, for this reason.

The statement said, “After more than two weeks after the start of negotiations in the Jordanian capital, Amman, and despite presenting his vision of opening major roads that would raise people’s suffering, ease the difficulty of access and reduce the economic cost, the Houthis insisted on offering dirt secondary roads that do not achieve the goal of lifting the siege and alleviating suffering.”

circumvent consultations

The government negotiating team had described this step as an “open attempt” to thwart the efforts of the United Nations and circumvent the ongoing consultations, stressing that such methods, which the group used to impose its unilateral vision, completely violate the essence of the discussion process, and undermine the international efforts to resolve this humanitarian file. It clearly reveals pre-existing intentions to evade the obligations stipulated in the armistice.

He called on the UN envoy, Mr. Hans Grundberg, to expedite his legal, moral and humanitarian responsibilities in confronting these scandalous games, and to put pressure on this group to stop these farce and respect the ongoing discussions under the auspices of the United Nations.

Houthi intransigence

Commenting on this, the Deputy Head of the Moral Guidance Division in the Taiz axis, Colonel Abdul Baset Al-Bahr, described the road that the militias started to build, as it will be much worse than the Al-Dahi crossing, as it is a long and unsafe secondary road, full of mines and snipers, considering the construction of the apartment as a violation of the armistice, military action and military developments, which are unacceptable. .

He said in a statement to “Al-Sahwa Net” that there is no military or humanitarian reason for Al-Houthi’s insistence on closing the main roads, except that the Houthi militias want to prolong the suffering of the people of Taiz, intransigence and prevarication to gain more time, evade the entitlements of the truce, not abide by their commitments, and exercise hatred and revenge against the people of Taiz. and Yemen in general.

He added, “Colonel Abdel Basset al-Bahr said that the construction of alternative roads evades and evades the entitlements of the armistice and the negotiations, and we hold the UN envoy fully responsible for this poor play, and we will only accept the opening of all roads and major outlets to and from the city.”

Al-Bahr explained that the militias, through these practices, reveal their intentions and their lack of seriousness for peace, and that they will not abandon the option of imposing their options by force of arms, kidnapping Yemenis, trading in their suffering and serving the interests of their dynasty at the expense of the interests of the people of Yemen.

Colonel Abdul Basit al-Bahr called on the UN envoy to pressure to compel the militias to implement their commitments, expose the obstructionist and the violator of the armistice, impose sanctions on him, and bear his responsibility for the humanitarian situation resulting from the militias’ intransigence and their unjust war on Yemenis in general and Taiz in particular.

single steps

The intransigence of the Houthi militia delegation and its insistence on taking unilateral steps threaten to thwart the negotiations sponsored by the office of the UN envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, to end the siege on Taiz and open roads in the seam areas.

Last Thursday, the UN envoy announced the extension of the humanitarian armistice between the legitimate government and the Houthi militias for an additional two months, after the end of the first round of negotiations without reaching an agreement, due to the insistence of Houthi representatives to open secondary roads, which was rejected by the government delegation, which insisted on opening the main and known roads. in accordance with the obligations of the armistice.

The UN armistice agreement stipulates a ceasefire, the resumption of commercial flights to and from Sanaa airport, and allowing fuel ships to enter the port of Hodeidah, and legitimacy has begun to implement all these provisions, but the militias still refuse to implement the lifting of the siege on Taiz and the opening of its main roads to alleviate human suffering. over millions of people.

It is noteworthy that the Taiz Human Rights Center had confirmed the killing of 3,590 civilians in Taiz, including 761 children, 347 women and 289 elderly, and the injury of 13,736 others, including 3,155 children, 1,180 women, and 764 elderly, during the period from 2015 to 2020, as a result of the Houthi line and direct sniping.


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