Top Stories Houthi militia closes 6 local radio stations in Sanaa

Houthi militia closes 6 local radio stations in Sanaa

The Iranian terrorist Houthi militia recently closed down six local radio stations in the capital, Sana’a, according to local and human rights assertions.

The Journalists Syndicate said that it had received a report by Majali al-Samadi, the owner of Voice of Yemen Radio, stating that his station was illegally closed last Tuesday by the militia.

According to the syndicate, this measure included five other radio stations (Grand FM, Al Oula, Childhood Community, Al Diwan, and Delta).

The Journalists Syndicate condemned these measures and considered them arbitrary measures restricting freedom of opinion and expression, calling for the rapid re-broadcasting of these radio stations, and the cessation of all illegal measures, holding the Houthi group all responsible for this abuse.

The Syndicate renewed its rejection of the illegal regulations issued by the Houthi group in the year 2017 AD regarding audio-visual and electronic media, without the existence of a law in the first place regulating the work of these sectors.

The Yemeni Journalists Syndicate called on all organizations concerned with freedom of opinion and expression, led by the Union of Arab Journalists and the International Federation of Journalists, to show solidarity with the suspended radio stations, to put pressure on this abuse, and to drop all obstacles to the work of the media in Yemen.

Since the Houthi militia’s coup against state institutions in late 2014, it has deliberately closed dozens of local newspapers, channels and radio stations, leaving only the media loyal to it.


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