Top Stories Houthi militia continues targeting and looting commercial centers in Sanaa

Houthi militia continues targeting and looting commercial centers in Sanaa

Local sources in Sanaa reported that the terrorist Houthi militia loyal to Iran has intensified over the past few weeks the size of its attacks against major commercial centers, especially those owned by businessmen who are not loyal to the group.

The sources confirmed to Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that the recent Houthi attacks against the commercial centers in Sanaa, the kidnapped capital, by the putschists, varied between campaigns of raids and imposition of royalties, demolition, assault, closure and conversion into military barracks. In the context of the continuation of the Houthi targeting campaigns, citizens and eyewitnesses in Sanaa told Asharq Al-Awsat that the group had seized, a few days ago, the “Sama Mall” mall on 50th Street, south of the capital, and then turned it into a military barracks.

Witnesses said that Houthi gunmen stormed the mall with several military vehicles and arrested the director of the center and a number of employees, before expelling all the shoppers.

Repeating what these centers and other attacks are being subjected to, Yemeni sources revealed that last month, Houthi elements demolished one of the most prominent commercial centers in the Al-Khamseen area, south of Sanaa, as part of its futile war against the remaining private sector workers in their areas of control.

At the time, local activists circulated on social networking sites video clips showing Houthi bulldozers demolishing the Mall of Arabia mall, which is classified as one of the largest malls in Sanaa.

According to what the same sources reported to the newspaper, the group justified the crime of demolishing the mall due to differences on the construction floor, but other sources close to the Houthi ruling circle revealed that the militias, after they failed to blackmail the mall owner, resorted to a ploy to take revenge on him by demolishing it on the pretext There is a conflict on the building floor.

The sources indicated that the center’s owner was taking the temporary Yemeni capital, Aden, as a center for his investments, but he received an offer from the putschists to obtain special facilities in exchange for investing his money by establishing a “commercial mall” in the hijacked capital, Sana’a, which ended up destroying his center.

As the coup plotters, Tehran’s agents in Yemen, continue to intensify the attacks, destruction, confiscation and closure of the remaining economic sectors in their areas of control, economic experts in Sana’a confirm to Asharq Al-Awsat that this new series of targeting and others fall within the framework of the Houthi organized and widespread approach to confiscation. Companies and all economic and vital sectors.

And the militias launched similar targeting and extortion campaigns about a month ago, affecting more than 800 markets, centers and shops in Sana’a, including, but not limited to, a huge factory for bottling mineral water, a central market for selling clothes, and a private media company for satellite broadcasting, among others. . On April 29, the group’s members stormed, in the context of an organized campaign that affected a large segment of the commercial sector’s employees, the City Max Center, Sana’a’s largest clothing center, and began expelling shoppers who happened to be there at the moment of the raid, then closed it for hours and prevented its owners. From reopening, only after paying huge sums of money.

At the time, center staff spoke to Asharq Al-Awsat about the attacks and threats they were subjected to at the hands of the group’s gunmen at the moment of the raid, pointing out that the group’s deliberate destruction during the storming of surveillance cameras and monitors in a manner they described as “barbarism.”

The workers pointed out that this group had previously stormed the center several times, including the major storming operation it was exposed to last year, which included the group’s appointment of a judicial guard and the confiscation of the center’s accounts in commercial banks, in addition to its acquisition of buying and selling operations and the appointment of new accountants, financial management, and storekeepers. and warehouses.


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