Top Stories Houthi militia launches a new recruitment campaign for women and children

Houthi militia launches a new recruitment campaign for women and children

The Houthi coup militia launched a new wave of polarization, mobilization and mobilization operations targeting women and children in particular, as well as collecting donations by force of arms from citizens who live in very difficult economic conditions due to the suspension of salaries for the eighth year.

Local sources confirmed that the group, under new directives issued by its leader, began, through committees entrusted with the tasks of “mobilization and mobilization”, and under the supervision of the revolutionary local councils subject to the group, to organize the first mobilization work in the Tahrir Directorate.

According to “Al-Sharq al-Awsat” newspaper, the campaign targets residents of more than 94 neighborhoods, forcing them to attend evenings that broadcast the group’s sectarian ideology saturated with hatred.

The sources talked about means of intimidation, enticement and threats of deprivation of the most basic rights and services that the group’s committees used during their mobilization of residents in 3 neighborhoods in the Tahrir area, namely “Al-Tahrir neighborhood, Bir Al-Azab, and Al-Qaa” to attend the evening.

Despite the group’s tightening and forcing the residents to attend those evenings, the same sources explained to Asharq Al-Awsat that the response rate among them is very weak, as a result of their refusal to submit to the group’s desire, which is trying to subjugate them by force to its mobilizing discourse and ideas derived from the “Iranian lieutenant.”

Because of the failure of the putschists to mobilize more young men and children to the fronts by setting up thousands of summer camps in all the cities they control, a source close to the group’s ruling circle in Sana’a revealed that the militias in the meantime have intensified their moves to complete their plan in the coming days to target the residents of about 94 neighborhoods belonging to 10 directorates in the capital. .

According to the sources, the militias allocated millions of riyals to hold more than 100 sectarian evenings in all neighborhoods of the occupied capital, while the sources accused the group of exploiting the UN truce, in order to rearrange its ranks and mobilize more recruits to its fronts.

The majority of residents in Sana’a refuse to attend or participate in the events, ignoring the militias’ threats to blacklist the retarded or deprive them of services.

The group’s supervisors often stress during the evenings held in the neighborhoods that every residential square in Sanaa should go out after the conclusion of any evening by registering at least 5 new recruits to the ranks of the militias.

Observers believe that the group’s decision to hold such sectarian meetings in the context of searching for new recruits reflects the great attrition that has afflicted the group’s ranks in the battles over the past years.

And several local reports confirmed, in earlier times, that the Houthi’s repeated recruitment of young men, adolescents and others in Sana’a has focused over the past years in 10 districts affiliated to the capital, Sana’a, each district containing dozens of residential squares.


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