Top Stories Houthi militia launches new repressive measures against women’s freedom

Houthi militia launches new repressive measures against women’s freedom

The Houthi militia has taken new repressive measures against Yemeni women in its areas of control, as part of an organized approach to restrict their freedom and confiscate their rights.

In the latest repressive measure, the Houthi militia obliged transport companies to fill out a form for women travelers stating that the guardian approved their travel, according to the document distributed by Mwatana Organization for Human Rights, saying that the procedure matches the behavior of ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

She also confirmed that the Houthis are waging an organized battle to restrict their freedom and presence in public life as a fateful battle that collides with all the struggles of Yemeni women over many years to normalize their presence in various areas of life.

For her part, the head of the “Defense for Rights and Freedoms” Foundation, Huda Al-Sarari, said that the Houthi militia treats women as if they lack capacity, and they are not entitled to travel or move and move without prior permission.

She pointed out that this is a continuation of the method of repression, restriction of freedoms and imposition of restrictions on women, in Houthi-controlled places, considering this procedure similar to what the terrorist organizations ISIS and Al-Qaeda are doing.

Although there is no law requiring the presence of a Mahram while women are traveling, during the past few years, there have been repeated incidents of stressing the Mahram and asking women about it, in the means of transportation while traveling between the Houthi-controlled governorates, according to the Mwatana Organization.

She explained that the recent measures adopted by the Houthi group have greatly affected the movement of women and their participation in public and private life, and many businesses, and cast a dark shadow on the situation of women, which affected their movement easily.

This comes in light of the increasing suffering of women in areas controlled by the Houthi militia. Where a human rights center documented 1,395 Houthi violations against women in Sana’a during 2021.


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