Top Stories Houthi militias pay “Zainabiyat” to recruit children in Sanaa neighborhoods

Houthi militias pay “Zainabiyat” to recruit children in Sanaa neighborhoods

The Houthi coup militia resorted to pushing its women’s security known as “Zainabiyat” to assume the task of recruiting and recruiting children in various ways, including enticing and intimidating their mothers in Sana’a and other areas under the control of the revolutionaries, according to local sources.

Residents in the targeted areas and human rights activists warned of the consequences of the Houthi militia continuing its current moves to attract children and young people in their areas of control, brainwash them with sectarian and extremist ideas, and then throw them as fuel for its various military operations.

Hundreds of children in Sanaa and its countryside and some governorates, such as Ibb, Dhamar, Amran and Hajjah, have been subjected to targeting and organized Houthi polarization, most of which is far from the families of the children and their families since late January.

According to the sources, the Houthi militias, through these practices, most of which were accompanied by acts of violence and confiscation of rights and depriving children of the right to education and life, are seeking to incite child soldiers to murder, violence and sectarianism and use them later as fuel for the group’s battles.

Residents in the old city of Sana’a told Al-Sharq al-Awsat that the group, in the context of its systematic targeting of children, started a few days ago through the Zainabiyat Brigades (a female Houthi faction whose mission is to target women) by holding daily sectarian sessions and lectures among mothers and housewives in the neighborhoods of the old city. .

They explained that the aim of targeting mothers is to convince them of the importance of joining their children to the battle fronts in defense of what the group calls “money, land and honor” against those it describes as “invaders from among the Jews and Christians.”

Some residents talked about the group’s “Zainabiyat” over the past two days, passing through dozens of homes in Old Sanaa and inviting women to attend the daily Houthi sessions, which is a precedent that Sana’a has not committed, according to the sources.

Residents revealed threats made by some “Zainabiyat” to those women who refrain from attending the courses by depriving them of household gas, UN aid, and other measures that may be taken against their families if they do not attend those courses.

They indicated that the group’s leadership selected its most prominent cultural supervisors and religious ideologues, and was entrusted with the task of giving lectures among women. According to the sources, the group sees in the segment of women in its areas of control “the weaker party and believes that it is easy to deceive and deceive them and persuade them to join their sons to the fighting fronts, foremost of which is the currently burning Marib front.”

In addition to the efforts of the putschists behind their recent targeting of women, the group also aims, according to residents in Sanaa, to mobilize them with speeches of violence, hatred and hostility to the other, within the framework of what it calls “implanting a faith identity and immunizing women from the enemies of the nation.”

Yemeni human rights reports had earlier accused the group of continuing to commit violations against young people, and revealed that the group had recruited more than 4,600 children from the beginning of January 2020 until the end of September of the same year.

She pointed out that the group has adopted, over the past years, “terrorist methods through which it has practiced the most heinous violations against children in the cities it controls, bypassing all values, moral principles, international and humanitarian norms and local laws.”

The latest human rights report also revealed that the Tehran-backed militias have recruited more than 10 thousand Yemeni children, since the beginning of the coup and its futile war.

The joint report issued by the SAM Organization for Rights and Freedoms and the Euro-Mediterranean Observatory for Human Rights indicated that “the militias have resorted, as usual, to threatening Yemeni families in the villages and areas they control in order to recruit their children from 10 to 17 years old, in addition to recruiting children in IDP camps and orphanages ».

The report stated that the group sometimes recruits children from poor families in exchange for a financial reward of $ 150 per month (the dollar is about 600 Yemeni riyals). He pointed out that the Houthi forced recruitment campaigns spread in the regions of Saada, Sana’a, Al Mahwit, Al Hudaydah, Tihama, Hajjah, and Dhamar, and the group targeted children from the age of 10 years.

Another recent statistic revealed that the number of children who were recruited by the militias in their ranks and were killed during the past year reached more than 1,400 children, based on a combined toll from what was reported by Houthi media over the past year.

The statistic stated that the distribution of the dead children to the governorates was led by the suburbs of Sanaa with 286 children, then Dhamar governorate with 225, 177 children from Hajjah, 171 from Saada (the coup stronghold), 116 from Amran governorate, 104 from Sanaa, 87 from Ibb, and 80 from Hodeidah. And 51 from Al-Mahwit, 30 from Taiz, and the same from Al-Jawf, about 17 children from Al-Bayda, 16 from Ma’rib, 14 from Raymah, and 6 from Al-Dhale.


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