Top Stories Houthi militias target populated areas in Marib with a ballistic missile

Houthi militias target populated areas in Marib with a ballistic missile

Today, Tuesday, the Houthi coup militia launched a missile attack on populated areas in the south of Ma’rib Governorate.

Local sources said that the militias bombed populated areas in the Juba district, south of the governorate, with a ballistic missile.

And the coup militias constantly resort to revenge against citizens and bombarding residential neighborhoods, after receiving painful defeats and blows at the hands of the national army and the resistance on the fighting fronts.

On Monday, the Yemeni government condemned, in the strongest terms, the continuation of the criminal Houthi militia to target the homes of citizens and civilian and residential objects in the Ma’rib governorate, the latest of which was targeting the governorate’s governor’s house with two ballistic missiles in an attempt to kill the women and children living there, in a flagrant and repeated violation of moral and humanitarian values ​​and a dangerous transgression of the authentic Yemeni principles. .

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated that the lives of civilians and residents in Marib are constantly at risk due to the Houthi militia’s practices of killing by the most deadly and destructive means.

She called on the Security Council to assume its responsibilities and put an end to the Houthi militia’s violations and crimes against humanity. It called in the same regard for a broad international condemnation against the criminal practices of the Houthi militia, which increased in frequency significantly and remarkably.


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