Top Stories Houthi militias trade in the suffering of the citizens and sell oxygen to the black market

Houthi militias trade in the suffering of the citizens and sell oxygen to the black market

Medical sources said that Houthi leaders in the health sector are still selling oxygen cylinders in a black market that they had created with the outbreak of the Corona epidemic in Sanaa and the rest of the militia-controlled areas.

The sources confirmed that the group confiscated large numbers of cylinders, most of which were provided by international organizations, for the benefit of isolation centers in Sana’a and other areas, and worked to trade and sell them on its black market to make money from it.

The sources indicated to Asharq Al-Awsat that hospitals and isolation centers are in great need of the cylinders, but the group continues to hide and sell them at fantastic prices, especially to the families of the affluent and able to pay, while Yemeni patients die in need of oxygen.

The health sector suffers from a severe deterioration, especially in the Houthi-controlled areas, according to UN reports. Some reports indicate that the war that was ignited by the group after its coup caused an almost complete collapse of the health system and worked on the outbreak of several diseases and epidemics that caused the death of tens of thousands of Yemenis.

The United Nations warned this week of the collapse of the health situation in Yemen, which it said could not wait as the war in the country enters its seventh year, which affected various walks of life.

The Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs said in a recent tweet on the blogging platform “Twitter” that 20.1 million people in Yemen need health assistance.

She confirmed that only 51 percent of health facilities are fully functioning, and that 67 of the 333 districts, have no doctors, and that every 10 minutes one child dies from preventable diseases.


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