Business How Do You Replace Neon LED Sign Transformers?

How Do You Replace Neon LED Sign Transformers?

Replace Neon LED Sign Transformers

Neon signs use neon glass tubes to emit a bright light. These tubes need to be plugged into a special transformer that supplies them with the voltage and current they require. This is done to ensure that the glass tubes don’t overheat or burn up.

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When electricity passes through a neon glass tube, it creates an ionisation process within the tube. This causes the neon atoms to become energised and capture electrons from their neighbours, which they then release as a photon of light (particle of energy). The colours that neon signs are capable of producing depend on how energised these neon atoms are.

Traditionally, a neon sign’s lifespan is between eight and 15 years. However, this can vary according to how often the sign is used and how well it’s maintained. The type of coatings on the neon glass tubes also affect their longevity.

How Do You Replace Neon LED Sign Transformers?

Neon sign transformers are essential for the safe operation of a neon sign, and they should be replaced at least once every 10 years. This is particularly important if the sign is exposed to harsh weather conditions, which can shorten its lifespan.

The most common type of neon LED sign transformer is the center-tapped one, which means that its secondary winding has a third lead at its center. Its output voltage varies depending on the intensity required by the neon signs, and it provides a safe and effective way of powering these tubes.

If the neon lights are dimming, this could be an indication that your transformer is defective. It’s a good idea to have your neon lights checked by an electrician, as they’ll be able to tell you whether your transformer is faulty or not.

Some transformers are able to dim the neon light by using a knob, while others can be controlled by a separate controller. These controllers reduce the voltage that comes from the transformer to the neon sign, which enables it to dim or flash at different brightness settings.

You can buy neon signs in different colours, as the gas fills used for them are also different. The most popular are argon, which produces red or orange lights, but you can also use xenon, helium and other gases to make your signs colourful.

The best way to test your neon LED sign transformer is to plug it into a spare neon sign that you have, then turn it on and see if the neon tubing lights up or not. If it does not, then you will need to fix the transformer or change the neon tubes.

You will need a sharp knife/razor and a heat gun. Once you’ve removed the insulation boot or sleeve from the neon tube, then you can carefully un-twist and remove the electrode wires that connect it to the GTO wire on the bottom of the transformer.

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