Infotech How the “new space” is starting to take off in France

How the “new space” is starting to take off in France

Will space become a source of start-ups, jobs and also new fortunes in a Europe that has struggled so much to catch up with the Americans since billionaires Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos left engaged in a frantic competition to dominate the skies? From an economic point of view, things are starting to take shape: a framework and a public will now exist to support entrepreneurs in the sector.

“Musk vs Bezos, the new star wars”, two egos in orbit

At the “priming” level, François Chopard created the Starburst Accelerator incubator and the Starburst Ventures fund, which identify promising projects all over the world, particularly in France, where this engineer is from. He now spends more time in Los Angeles or Singapore than in Paris, but he has regained confidence in European potential. Another source of specialized funding, almost exclusively French this time, has also been set up: CosmiCapital also wants to take space start-ups to a higher level.

Behind CosmiCapital, we find the Karista fund, which has specialized since 2001 in investments in the scientific and tech world. It is supported by much of theestablishment space, since it works in collaboration with the National Center for Space Studies (Cnes), which has invested in the fund and which now devotes a lot of energy to helping the start-ups of the “New Spa

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