Technology How will the “Cyber ​​Campus”, inaugurated in the La Défense district, work?

How will the “Cyber ​​Campus”, inaugurated in the La Défense district, work?

The 13-storey building must bring together the public and private elite of the fight against crime on the Internet. Emmanuel Macron inaugurates Tuesday, February 15 the Cyber ​​Campus, at La Défense, at the gates of Paris.

Coming from the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of the Armed Forces, administrations, large industrial groups or start-ups, some 1,800 people will come together within this pole, with the ambition of becoming a place for sharing innovations and good digital hygiene practices. This campus has a principle: that of the “coffee machine”. We meet there, we talk. In this tower of La Défense, will find agents of the DGSE, gendarmes, police officers, personnel of Orange or Thalès, SMEs, startups, administrations, hospitals…

This campus wants to be, for its designers, a place where they think together, they design together, they protect themselves together. And he must also catch up: he arrives twelve years after Skolkovo, the Russian model, eight years after CyberSpark, the Israeli model… In Israel, moreover, the army is at the heart of the campus, it will not be the case here. The situations are different, but the idea remains the same: since there are attacks, you have to know how to defend yourself and counter-attack together, not everyone in their corner.

Guest of franceinfo, Tuesday February 15, General Mark Bogetcommander of the gendarmerie in cyberspace, specifies: “We are never safe but we prepare for it. (…) Worldwide, there is a ransomware attack every eleven seconds. We are 7,500 today, we will be 10,000 in 2023 to increase the level of response from the gendarmes“.

Before giving a concrete example of the current threat: “We have seen a nine-fold increase in cyberattacks at the last Olympic Games and we expect the same for Paris 2024. We are getting into position to block them“.

It is enough to remember, in 2021, the computer attacks against ransom of the hospitals of Dax and Villefranche-sur-Saône. Establishments paralyzed at the time, which return, for months, to paper files, like a return to the Middle Ages in an ultra-connected world.

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