Top Stories Human Rights calls on the international community to intervene to stop the Houthi executions in Hodeidah

Human Rights calls on the international community to intervene to stop the Houthi executions in Hodeidah

The Ministry of Legal Affairs and Human Rights has issued an urgent appeal to the United Nations and international organizations and missions operating in Yemen to stop the crimes of mass executions and the massive campaign of revenge carried out by the Houthi coup militia against civilians in the areas of Al-Thita, Al-Jah, Al-Nakhila, Al-Taif, Al-Tur and Al-Majalis in Al-Hodeidah Governorate.

A statement issued by the ministry, a copy of which was received by the Yemeni News Agency (Saba), clarified that the Houthi militia is still carrying out extensive reprisals against the population in those areas from which the joint forces withdrew, including killing, registering, slaughtering, mutilating the bodies of prisoners, executions, torture, and violence. , against citizens and the population, forcibly displacing civilians with horrific brutality and direct attacks on them and on civilian objects, especially on homes, schools, hospitals and places of worship, and carried out indiscriminate attacks that resulted in civilian casualties and the destruction or damage to civilian objects.. Pointing to the gravity and gravity of violations and abuses committed by the terrorist Houthi militia in Hodeidah, which indicates their brutality and in light of the need to hold the leaders of these militias accountable and classify them as a militia terrorist.

The ministry confirmed that it had documented “torture of civilians who were not directly involved in any hostilities, as well as the ill-treatment of captured fighters, which shows the brutality of these Houthi militias and their Iran-backed elements…pointing out that the victims were beaten, tied to tree trunks and palms, and threatened with guns aimed at their heads.” They were deprived of food and water and were dragged out before they were liquidated.

The ministry said that what the Houthi militias are doing is a serious violation of human rights and international humanitarian law, and amounts to war crimes.. Noting that the killings in most cases were committed as part of a widespread and systematic attack against a specific group of the civilian population opposed to the presence and ideology of the Houthi militia racial sectarianism in their areas, and thus may also amount to crimes against humanity.

She added that due to the arbitrary detentions, kidnappings and enforced disappearances practiced by the Houthi militia on a large scale, and the widespread looting of citizens’ property, forced Thousands of civilians fled in fear of reprisals, which were followed by massive reprisals without any legal justification, in violation of international and customary humanitarian law. Such acts may amount to crimes against humanity and war crimes.

The ministry called on all human rights defenders, international humanitarian organizations and activists to demand a halt to the crimes of executions, killings, slaughter and representation against prisoners, and relief organizations, associations and charitable initiatives to quickly provide relief aid and shelter to the displaced.

The ministry called on the international community to classify the Houthi criminal militia as a terrorist group whose leaders are being pursued and put on the international sanctions list, stressing the speedy release of all detainees and forcibly disappeared citizens, activists and social figures, and ensuring their safety and security.


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