Auto Hyundai IONIQ… Continuous electric leadership

Hyundai IONIQ… Continuous electric leadership

Over the past few decades, the transition towards sustainability has become a critical step for humanity, and as a provider of intelligent mobility solutions, electric vehicles (EVs) have been a major focus of Hyundai over the past few years, as it feels it has to take responsibility for providing a cleaner future for the planet from Through pioneering electric technology, represented by electric vehicles, to reduce global fuel emissions and to change the vehicle market culture to become more environmentally friendly.

Hyundai Motor will continue its plans in the field of electric transformation, and its leadership in the global electric vehicle market, by introducing 3 new customized models of IONIQ over the next four years, with more innovative models to follow later.

Hyundai intends to adhere to its mission through IONIQ, by adding to the capabilities of existing electric vehicles innovative solutions, such as high-speed charging, spacious interiors and battery-powered energy, with future innovations that combine design, technology and services, with the aim of creating an experience that is delivered. and implement it carefully.

Hyundai is committed to providing the customer with an electric vehicle experience that is designed, built and built to meet their interests, in line with its vision of “Progress for Humanity,” by striving to offer at least 12 fully electric battery-powered (BEV) models. Global Electric Standard Core (E-GMP), which aims to convert its vehicle line-up to fully electric by 2040.

When IONIQ launched in 2020, the brand embarked on a journey of sustainability and innovation as a provider of smart mobility solutions, which raises the level of its solutions to meet the ever-changing market, introducing this new trend with the “IONIQ” brand.

This trend was met with great appreciation among the automotive community, as the highly popular IONIQ 5 won the World Class Car Awards in recognition of the dedicated employees and decision-makers of the Hyundai team.

Prestigious awards such as the World Car Awards 2022, Best Electric Vehicle 2022 and World Car Design of the Year highlight the brand’s drive towards a more sustainable future.

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