Auto Hyundai is cooperating with INEOS to accelerate the hydrogen economy … globally

Hyundai is cooperating with INEOS to accelerate the hydrogen economy … globally

Hyundai Motor and Ineos signed a memorandum of understanding to explore new opportunities to accelerate the global hydrogen economy.

Hyundai and Ineos will search for opportunities to produce and supply hydrogen, and will publish worldwide hydrogen applications and technologies. The beginning will include their efforts to facilitate public and private sector projects that focus on developing the hydrogen value chain in Europe.

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The agreement includes the evaluation of Hyundai’s fuel cell system for use in the recently announced Ineos Grenadier 4×4 vehicle, as this cooperation is an important step in the efforts of Ineos, the large chemical company, to diversify its powertrain options in Early stage.

The agreement between the two companies comes after the standard Hyundai-owned fuel cell system, which will be used by evaluation cars, has proven its reliability and effectiveness in the Hyundai Nexo SUV, which is the world’s first dedicated hydrogen-powered SUV with the longest driving distance among hydrogen-powered cars. In the market.

Saihun Kim, Senior Vice President and Head of Fuel Cell Center at Hyundai Motor, said that Ineos’s endeavor to develop an electric vehicle powered by fuel cells and a hydrogen system constitutes another milestone and an influential step towards sustainable and clean transportation.

He added that “Hyundai” believes that this agreement will provide an important low-carbon option, across a wide range of sectors, hoping that the meeting of the two companies’ decades of experience in the field of hydrogen fuel cells and chemistry will lead to the mass production of green hydrogen and fuel cells for the “Grenadier” vehicle.

Peter Williams, director of the technology sector at Ineos, said that the signed agreement provides both companies with new opportunities to play a leadership role in a clean hydrogen economy.

He added that assessing new production processes, technology and applications, along with the company’s existing capabilities, places it uniquely positioned to meet the emerging demand for affordable, low-carbon energy sources and the needs of future SUV owners.

New project Ineos has launched a new commercial project to develop and build a clean hydrogen capacity across Europe, to support the move towards a carbon-free future. It currently produces 300,000 tons of hydrogen annually, as a by-product of chemical manufacturing processes.

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