Auto Hyundai Motor wins 14 awards at the 2021 International Design Forum

Hyundai Motor wins 14 awards at the 2021 International Design Forum

Chimera: The awards are a confirmation of the appreciation and attention that our brand enjoys

– Lee: Designing the «E
-pit »embodies our continuous efforts to provide a new experience

Hyundai Motor Company won 14 awards for design excellence in various categories during the International Design Forum 2021, including the forum’s gold award for the “E-pit” high-speed charging station for electric vehicles.

Hyundai Motor affirmed that the company’s continued achievement of the awards for this year is a consolidation of its prominent position for the seventh consecutive year within the International Design Forum Awards, which saw the high-end brand win three prestigious gold awards, which honor 75 categories of the best designs out of about 10,000 participants every year.

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The company stated that it topped many categories, including production, communications, user interface, architecture, and professional concept, and was honored with six awards in the telecommunications category for the first time ever.

Thomas Chimera, Executive Vice President and Global Marketing Director at Hyundai Motor, said: “These awards are a confirmation of the appreciation and attention that our brand enjoys on the part of global experts in the field of communications, and that what we offer goes beyond excellence in production design, and we will continue to work in the future to provide More innovations to enhance our brand presence by providing innovative and sustainable customer experiences. ”

The high-speed E-pit charging station achieved the gold award at the International Design Forum Awards for this year, thanks to its design that elevates the user experience by providing solutions to many problems that are usually found in electric vehicle stations such as large cables, complex operation, and performance during operation. The unclear level of shipment and hygiene are among the issues that have received more attention due to the pandemic, in addition to production and maintenance.

The Hyundai Design Center has worked on creating the E-pit charging station, which is distinguished by its shape inspired by the Formula 1 racing stops, with the aim of providing fast, comfortable and distinguished services to electric vehicle users. The charging station is characterized by ease of use, as it is unique in a design that combines simplicity and strength, and pays attention to many details from cleaning to maintenance.

“Innovative design can emerge when a designer treats user experience as a priority for him,” said senior vice president and head of Hyundai’s Global Design Center, Sang Yup Lee. Therefore, the design of the E-pit charging station embodies our continuous efforts to provide a new, efficient and streamlined experience for customers while they are charging their vehicles. ”

The design of the E-pit charging station takes into account different charging options based on Hyundai Motor’s human-centered philosophy. For example, the large roof provides a comfortable charging experience regardless of weather conditions, and the charging station also offers an automatic positioning feature, which automatically moves the charging cable. To allow for multiple charging modes for different vehicles.

The International Design Forum Awards are considered one of the largest and most important design competitions in the world. It was founded in 1954 by “iF International Forum Design GmbH” in Hanover, one of the leading independent design institutions in the world.

This year, the competition witnessed a competition between more than 9,500 entries from 52 countries, and included many innovations. During the online preliminary round (online pre-selection), half of the applications submitted for the final round (“final jury”) were selected, which in turn represent a transparent evaluation of the various categories, as they included new disciplines: user experience and user interface. The other categories included many classifications, including production, communications, packaging and service design, urban engineering, interior design and professional concept. This year, the jury included 98 independent international experts in the field of design. All award-winning categories will be reviewed under the “International Design Forum Handbook, and on the International Design Forum Application”.

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