Auto Hyundai Santa Fe: modern technologies … for more luxury

Hyundai Santa Fe: modern technologies … for more luxury

The successes of “Santa Fe” have continued in the market since its launch

– The vehicle has gone from strength to strength with every generation developed by Hyundai.

– Technological advantages that will gain customer satisfaction and satisfy their aspirations

North Gulf Trading Company launched the newly developed Hyundai Santa Fe, which underwent a complete redesign process to provide great driving experiences to customers in Kuwait.

“Santa Fe” is one of the icons of the “Hyundai” brand, which is widely recognized, while the new developed model represents a new step for the company in the field of design, performance and innovation.

Strong performance

The fourth-generation Santa Fe was improved and provided with features that added more luxury to it, with many modern technologies to meet the full needs of the family, so that the new car provides a dynamic and comfortable driving experience for passengers.

The Santa Fe has been completely redesigned to give a strong look mixed with luxury suggestive of luxury, as the exterior appears boldly and the front section highlights a modern and new look, different from previous models.

The successive front grille has undergone a change to become more striking, with its distinctive geometric inlay integrated with the headlights, while the “T” daytime running lamps, along with the sculpted front bumper, provide a very distinctive presence and complement the strong look of the new car.

The rear bumper provides a low, wide stance that suggests stability on the road, and the bold shape of the car is underlined by the horizontal line connecting the compound lights and the tailgate trim.

The compact, coiled lamps improve the appearance even further thanks to the distinctive streamlined high-tech design, while the premium alloy frame designs also harmonize with the new Santa Fe’s elegant and robust style.

Comfortable trips

The high console is equipped with paddle shifters, providing comfort in operating the vehicle, as well as adding a safety feature to help prevent accidental shifting.

The Santa Fe comes with a package that integrates 64 colors of ambient lighting, and a wireless smartphone charging system to complement the luxury of the cabin. The new model is equipped with advanced technical features to assist and provide enjoyable and wonderful trips to passengers.

The standard 8-inch touch screen unit provides more clarity and comfort, even without using hands with a Bluetooth connection, in addition to support for “Apple CarPlay” and “Android Auto”.

The largest generation

The new Santa Fe was designed with a 10.25-inch audio, video and navigation system (AVN), which is characterized by strong capabilities, and is larger than previous generations, with an external length of 4785 mm, a width of 1900 mm, and a height of 1710 mm.

Thanks to the installation of the new third-generation platform from Hyundai, second-row passengers can enjoy more legroom (1060 mm), in addition to taking advantage of the increased cargo space of 634 liters.

The Santa Fe comes with a choice of 4 engines to provide strong power, and at the same time cleaner emissions, and is the first Hyundai model to be equipped with a next-generation SmartStream D2.2 engine, which has a maximum voltage of 202 hp and maximum torque. It stands at 45 kg.

Other engines available are «Lambda 3.5 MPI» (maximum effort of 272 hp and maximum torque of 33.8 kg / m²), «Theta 2.5 MPI» (maximum effort of 180 hp and maximum torque of 23.7 kg / m) and «1.6 T-GDI HEV »(max. 180 hp and max torque 27 kg / m).

“Santa Fe” is classified as the first SUV “SUV” from Hyundai, which comes with “Smart Stream Wet 8DCT”, which means that it is equipped with the first 8-speed “DCT” transmission.

Safety features

The main new safety and comfort features of the newly developed Hyundai Santa Fe include Intelligent Remote Parking Assist and Lane Tracking Assist, with another new feature being the terrain driving mode, allowing the driver to switch between different driving modes and drive safely on sand, mud and surfaces. Snowy.

The head of Hyundai’s Middle East and Africa operations, Bang Sun Jeong, said that since the launch of Santa Fe in the market for the first time many years ago, the successes it achieved have continued and moved from strength to strength with each generation that the company developed, which was keen to develop it on An ongoing trend that each generation of them reflects the best innovation, design and performance in its time and class.

He added that the new Santa Fe falls within this series of distinction, and includes the latest and best technologies designed to serve customers in order to achieve their satisfaction.

He pointed out that «Hyundai» has made a lot of effort to provide a wonderful car, noting that «Santa Fe» is equipped with the latest advanced technology features that will win customer satisfaction and satisfy their aspirations and transfer the driving experiences to a high level.

He mentioned that customers can choose from different exterior color options that include silver, creamy white, black and “Rainforest”, in addition to the completely new colors “taiga brown”, “magnetic force” and “Glacier white”.

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