Auto Hyundai Staria: Unprecedented design… for the highest safety standards

Hyundai Staria: Unprecedented design… for the highest safety standards

– Raed Turjuman: The vehicle is available in many categories and specifications in line with all daily requirements
Staria demonstrates Hyundai’s efforts to provide smart mobility solutions and meet the needs of an evolving lifestyle

North Gulf Company, the exclusive agent for Hyundai cars in Kuwait, unveiled the all-new luxury multi-purpose minibus “Hyundai Staria” in the Avenues – Phase 4.

The company displayed the minibus from August 26 to 4, which was likened to a spaceship, so that visitors could see the unique and unprecedented design of this class of cars, the futuristic touch that characterizes it, and its distinctive characteristics.

By presenting the new van in its flagship fleet, Hyundai aims to set a new future vision in the automotive industry, with its impressive aerodynamic design characteristics that appear in the clear harmony of its curves and simple structure.

The model reveals a unique design philosophy that begins with the interior design process and expands to the exterior, as Staria reflects Hyundai’s commitment to producing futuristic smart mobility vehicles, and to the concept of progress for humanity that it launched previously.

Staria comes with advanced features that focus on driver comfort and provide a comfortable transportation experience for passengers, making travel time more efficient, in addition to providing a relaxation feature that is used to refer the seats in the second row with one button to activate them.

The CEO of “North Gulf”, Raed Turjuman, expressed his pride in launching the new vehicle “Starya” in the Kuwaiti market, and his pleasure that this unique vehicle in terms of design and characteristics is available in the company’s showrooms, in many categories and specifications that are in line with all the requirements of daily life.

He said that the all-new Starya emerged as a result of the great efforts that Hyundai devotes to providing smart mobility solutions, while meeting the needs of an advanced lifestyle, and providing unique mobility solutions within the reach of its customers, through its innovative qualities and characteristics, unprecedented design, and the spacious and spacious interior that makes it Perfect for every family or business trip.

sexy look

Staria comes with a new mysterious and exciting exterior that resembles the design of spacecraft and reflects speed and power, and the front part highlights long horizontal daytime running lights, and new headlights below it.

The front end of the Staria features horizontal daytime running LEDs, which are paired with lower grille-mounted headlights, while the rear design includes vertical taillights and a wide window.

The vehicle’s wide panoramic windows and lower lines are designed in a way that suggests the spaciousness of the interior, and the height of its cabin has been designed to achieve maximum comfort, at a time when Staria comes in 3 versions with 3 passengers, 5 passengers or 6 passengers for the “Astaria Van”, and is available in 7 Passengers or 9 and 11 passengers of a minibus without rear seats, with two seats for the driver and front passenger only, in case you want to use it for cargo operations and transporting goods.

The multi-use vehicle “Starya” comes with a “Smartstream 3.5 G” engine, which has a capacity of 3.5 liters, and has a spacious interior, in addition to the use of high-quality materials to manufacture the seats.

The Hyundai Staria was equipped with various entertainment facilities, most notably a 10.25-inch media screen, in addition to the availability of a digital instrument panel, and ambient lighting was added with choices of 10 colors, giving it a luxurious appearance, so that the harmonious lighting can be adjusted directly and indirectly, to illuminate the cockpit and unit Controls, doors and cargo areas, and the luxurious feel inside the cabin is further enhanced by the Bose audio system.

The driver’s seat has a futuristic, high-tech look through the electronically operated transmission, with a 4.2-inch and 10.2-inch digital instrument cluster located above the steering wheel for safe and unobstructed driving.

Multiple storage spaces are available at the front of the cabin, and both the driver and passengers can also access the center console, which is equipped with cup holders, USB ports and additional storage space.

“Hyundai Smart Sense” features… Smart

Staria has ensured the highest levels of safety and security, with the option to add up to 6 airbags, and the safety systems are further enhanced by other smart features such as Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) and Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist (BCA). Lane Keeping Assist (LKA), Safety Departure Assist (SEA), and Lane Keeping Assist.

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