Top Stories Ibb governorate leadership celebrates the prisoners and kidnappers freed from the prisons of the Houthi militia

Ibb governorate leadership celebrates the prisoners and kidnappers freed from the prisons of the Houthi militia

The Supreme Council for Popular Resistance and the Committee of Kidnapped and Prisoners in Ibb Governorate organized a ceremony today in honor of the 30 prisoners and abductors released from the Houthi coup militia’s prisons.

In the ceremony, which was held under the patronage of the Governor of Ibb Governorate, Major General Abdul Wahhab Al-Waeli and the Commander of the Ibb Axis, Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Bahsh, the Chairman of the Committee of Prisoners and Abductees in Ibb Governorate / Abdul Rahim Al-Waili delivered a welcoming speech in which he emphasized that the ceremony honors the sacrifices, steadfastness and patience of the freed prisoners, which embodied the true bright expression of the will masses.

Addressing the editors, he added, “Your liberation from the prisons of the Houthi militia is not a blessing from the militia, but rather thanks to the sacrifices of heroic fighters on all fronts.”

Al-Waeli stated that the number of prisoners and kidnappers in Ibb governorate of the Houthi militia is 263, between one kidnapped and a prisoner, 30 of whom were released.

The head of the Prisoners Committee in the father of the legitimate authority and all local and international human rights institutions called for an end to this tragedy and the release of all prisoners and prisoners in Houthi prisons until the joy is complete.

For his part, the director of the governorate’s security, Brigadier General / Fahd Majali, considered the release of the prisoners a great achievement, coinciding with our country’s celebrations of the September and October revolutions.

He said, “The ugly practices of the Houthi militia against the prisoners and the right of all the people have awakened motivation and revived in the people the fulfillment of the liberation revolution from the hateful Imamate rule, and the people increased their adherence to the goals of the September Revolution.”

The director of Ibb security pointed to the sacrifices made by the people of the governorate and the heroics that they control in all positions of honor and heroism, “pointing out that they have made dear and precious individuals and leaders, civilians and military men.”

Brigadier-General Majali stressed that “the file of the abductees and prisoners is given great attention by the political leadership, and this was evident through the follow-up and response to the UN mission and positive interaction by the government team despite the militia’s intransigence, leading to the implementation of the exchange deal.”

In the speech of the prisoners delivered by the liberated prisoner, lawyer Muhammad Shahbin, in which he reviewed some of the psychological and physical torture they were subjected to in Houthi prisons.

He said, “We used to go by for years in which we did not see the rays of the sun, and even the bathroom did not enter it except at times specified by the warden.” He added, “We lived difficult days and bitter hours in the prison prosecutor’s office that there was no room for narration.”

A member of the Abducted Mothers Association, Sabah Hatim said “Although we are happy with the release of the prisoners and kidnappers now, it will not take place except with the exit of all detainees, but rather by demolishing the militia’s prisons and punishing everyone who caused this.”

Hatem demanded that files be filed against the Houthi militia for its brutal treatment of the detainees, and some of them were permanently disabled and some of them died in prisons.

The ceremony was concluded by honoring the prisoners and the kidnappers who were released from the prisons of the Houthi militia.


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