Life Style If children are studying from home, then study environment is ready in these 6 ways, you will see the difference yourself

If children are studying from home, then study environment is ready in these 6 ways, you will see the difference yourself

This year is full of challenges due to the Corona epidemic. The epidemic has affected our lives in many ways. Corona also changed the way people work and interact with people. When the lockdown was announced in the month of March, apart from work from home, education and education of children has also started from home. Now the colleges are slowly opening, but the school is still closed.

Due to the closure of school, children are completing their education through online classes. This epidemic has had a great impact on children’s education. Especially younger children who depended on learning in the classroom. Here are some easy tips, through which parents and children can create a better learning environment at home.

Create a study zone at home

These days most of the family members have stayed at home. Therefore, to focus on studies, look for some place in the house that is away from the noise. And yes, first of all, check whether the net connectivity in the study zone is correct or not. Here, you can also write Motivational quotes on the walls to create a classroom-like atmosphere.

Take a personal challenge

Take the challenge yourself for online study. You need to free yourself from hesitate to ask questions or accept difficulties. If you are struggling with a certain subject, then instead of running away from it, take time to understand it. All types of study materials are available online.

Watch the video be smart

Do you know that visualization hits your mind 60,000 times faster than text. Learning from video is a lot more fun than text.

Follow routine

First of all, make a routine for each day. By having the right routine, you can become a disciplined student. Keep a certain time to learn and practice.

Make your environment your teacher

Do you know that James Watt’s inspiration for the steam engine came from a boiling kettle? He saw how the steam forced the lid of the kettle to rise. James Watt felt that he could use steam to drive the engine. Science is all around us, even in places like kitchen, garden. So stay alert about your surroundings and ask questions. If you are curious to know how certain things work, then watch it online. If you want to go one step further, then analyze what you learn.

Emphasize practice and revise

Once you cover a new topic, practice it continuously. Practice sets and quizzes are always available in the online medium. Apart from this, you can sometimes refresh your memory by remembering old topics.

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