Life Style If the planet Rahu is bad, do not wear clothes of this color even by mistake, the problems will never decrease.

If the planet Rahu is bad, do not wear clothes of this color even by mistake, the problems will never decrease.

Rahu Gochar In Taurus: Rahu is considered an effective planet in astrology. With Rahu being a malefic planet, it is also called a shadow planet. Rahu gives both types of results. It also gives auspicious results, but also gives inauspicious results.

Keeping Rahu auspicious or calm is considered very important. Rahu is a planet which causes many inauspicious yogas. Inauspicious yogas formed by Rahu in the birth chart bring great upheaval in life. Rahu gives success only after many struggles in job, career, education, business etc. It is from Rahu and Ketu that Kaal Sarp Dosh, Pitra Dosh etc. are formed. According to astrology, the inauspicious yoga formed by Rahu causes a lot of trouble to the person.

nature of rahu
Rahu is considered a mysterious planet in astrology. It tries to take away from liberation. Rahu dominant person is firm in his tune and is not afraid to take risks. More hardworking. Such a person does not give up till the end. They are not even afraid of doing wrong things. Rahu also makes a person expert in diplomacy. It is not easy to understand such people.

Rahu auspicious fruit
When Rahu is auspicious, it gives sudden benefits. Increases happiness, provides enjoyment of all the pleasures of life. Rahu inspires to do something big in life.

Inauspicious results of Rahu
When Rahu is inauspicious, the person adopts bad company, wrong habits. lives the wrong way. Indulges in wrongdoings. Speech deteriorates, the problem of mental stress and headache persists. The unknown also causes fear.

Rahu Remedy
It is believed that blue clothes should not be worn when Rahu is inauspicious. This increases the inauspiciousness of Rahu. Along with this, one should stay away from wrong company. Do not take intoxicants etc. One should not cheat and should stay away from wrong actions.

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