Life Style If you do not eat eggs in summer, then fulfill the lack of protein with these 5 things

If you do not eat eggs in summer, then fulfill the lack of protein with these 5 things

Protein is very important for the proper development of the body. Protein is a micronutrient that is essential for the smooth functioning of the body. Protein helps to build and repair new cells. Apart from this, protein is also very important to keep hair, skin, bone, nails, muscles, cells and other parts of the body healthy. In winter, people eat a lot of eggs to meet the lack of protein, but many people avoid eating more eggs in summer. People think that the effect of eggs is hot, so eating eggs in summer can increase the heat in the body. If you also do not eat eggs thinking like this, then you can make these 5 foods a part of your diet to meet the lack of protein. Plenty of protein is found in them.

protein rich food

1- Cheese- In summer, you can eat paneer to meet the deficiency of protein. There is a lot of protein in cottage cheese. You can give paneer curry, paratha or other dish to children. You can also eat paneer lightly for breakfast. Apart from this, you can also eat things made from mawa.

2- Dal- Be it any season, everyone eats pulses in food. Lentils are a good option to meet the lack of protein in the body. Eat a bowl of lentils daily in your meal. Lentils are the best source of protein. Lentils contain a lot of protein. You can eat any pulse you want.

3- Soybean- If you do not feel like eating eggs in summer, then you can eat soybeans to meet the lack of protein. Protein is also found in good quantity in soybean. About 100 grams of soybeans contain 36.9 grams of protein. You can meet your daily protein requirement from soybeans.

4- Milk- Milk is rich in protein. To meet the deficiency of protein, you must include milk in the diet. About 3.6 grams of protein is found in 100 grams of milk. Protein deficiency in the body can be met by drinking a glass of milk daily. Children must be given milk.

5- Dry fruits- In summer, you can also fulfill the lack of protein by eating nuts. Dry fruits contain a good amount of protein. You can eat cashews and almonds for protein. If you want, you can eat soaked almonds in summer. Dry fruits are a good source of protein. Cashew almonds can be eaten in breakfast or snacks.

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