Life Style If you want to increase immunity, then eat this vegetable, you will get all the vitamins and minerals

If you want to increase immunity, then eat this vegetable, you will get all the vitamins and minerals

Boost Your Immunity: To make the body healthy and strong, you must include seasonal fruits and vegetables in the diet. Consuming foods rich in vitamins and minerals makes the body strong. Due to which immunity also becomes strong. We are telling you such a vegetable which is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. Yes, we are talking about Kakora who looks like bitter gourd. You will easily find Kakora at vegetable shops. Some people also call it Van Bitter gourd or Kantola. This vegetable makes the body strong. Cucumber is rich in nutrients like vitamin B12, vitamin D, calcium, zinc, copper and magnesium. You must definitely include it in your diet.

Nutrients in Cucumber
Not one or two but all the nutrients are found in Kakora. Protein, fiber, carbohydrates, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D2 and 3, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Vitamin H, Vitamin K, Copper, Zinc is found That is, this is not an ordinary vegetable. This vegetable contains all the vitamins that make the body strong. The taste of Kakora is hot and it tastes very tasty to eat. Eating it gives tremendous power.

benefits of cocoa
1- Eating cocoa strengthens immunity. It also removes the problem of cold, cough and cold.
2- Eating cocoa does not cause headache, hair loss, ear pain, cough, stomach infection.
3- By eating cocoa, diseases like piles and jaundice are also removed.
4- By eating it, diabetes is also very beneficial. This keeps the blood sugar level under control.
5- Ringworm in the rain- Special, Kokora also benefits from itching.
6- The benefit of cocoa is also used in case of paralysis, swelling, unconsciousness and eye problems.
7- You can eat cocoa even when there is fever.
8- It also helps in protecting against serious diseases like blood pressure and cancer.

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