Life Style If you want to know the mind of the crush, then follow these methods

If you want to know the mind of the crush, then follow these methods

Today, in this era of social media, it has become very easy to speak your mind through whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook. With this, your mind can be communicated to the partner in a few minutes. On the other hand, through these chats, it becomes very difficult to know what is on one’s mind. Because with this you do not know the real feelings of the person. So let us tell you, how you can identify your partner’s feelings hidden behind the message.

Calling you by ‘nick name’
If you have saved the number of your crush with ‘Nick Name’ and the crush also takes your nick name repeatedly during the chat, then understand that love is ringing in your heart too.

More use of emoji
When a person talks to anyone, he does not use much emoji to express his feelings during chat. But while chatting with a crush, he uses emoji a lot, especially the heart emoji. You have to identify these types of signs yourself.

Would like to talk to you all the time
If your crush is ready to talk to you all the time, then understand that they have started liking you too. In this case, he would like to know about your entire routine.

Want to see you all the time
Such people keep on asking to meet you again and again and keep looking for excuses to meet you. If things like this are happening with you too, then understand, now your love life too is going to start.

Keep an eye on your every update
If your crush is keeping an eye on every update, then understand that they are in love with you. Such a person gives his feedback on every one of your status from changing your DP.

Will tell you your personal things
If your crush shares his personal things with you then it means that he too has started loving you. The person tells his things to those whom he considers his own.

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